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     Friedrich von Loßberg        

Friedrich Karl "Fritz" von Loßberg  
(30.4.1868 - 14.5.1942)
place of birth:  Bad Homburg, Hessen  (Hesse)

German general and staff officer who made his name as an expert in defensive tactics. During the war, von Loßberg initially served on the western front with the Fifth Army as a Fabeck's XIII.Corps chief of staff. During most of 1915 he was Deputy Chief of Operations at Supreme Command (OHL). He thereafter became legendary as the OHL's fixit-man, serving as field army chief of staff for von Einem's Third Army in Champagne, with von Below's Second Army during the Somme Offensive, with von Below again with the Sixth Army at Arras, and he organized Fourth Army commander Sixt von Armin's defense at Passchendaele.

s a military thinker
he sought to replace defensive tactics based on a single line with "defense in depth;" behind these positions would be counterattack forces held in reserve until they were needed to support front line units under pressure. These principles were embodied in the Hindenburg Line in 1917-1918. Following the war, von Loßberg worked with future Field Marshal Erich von Manstein in drawing up plans for Germany's post-war Versailles Treaty Army. He served as Chief of Staff for Grenschutz Süd, and commanded Reichswehr-Brigade 26, 6th Infantry Division, and Reichswehr Gruppenkommando I/Berlin, retiring on 31 January 1927 as a general of infantry. His son Bernhard served as a major general during WWII. Von Loßberg died in Lübeck on 14 May 1942.

"This outstanding officer and combat organizer often helped the Fatherland and the Army."

                                                           General Erich Ludendorff understates
                                                von Loßberg's contribution


Assignments and Commands  (pre-War)
03.01.1886 2. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß - Berlin
17.09.1887 Leutnant
16.06.1894 Obereutnant
01.10.1894 Preußische Kriegsakademie - Berlin
21.07.1897 2. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß - Berlin
01.04.1898 Großer Generalstab - Berlin
29.03.1900 Hauptmann
17.08.1900 XIV. Armeekorps - Karlsruhe  (General Staff)
18.02.1903 Badisches Infanterie-Regiment ,,Kaiser Friedrich III Nr. 114 - Konstanz  (Coy Cdr)
22.04.1905 19. Infanterie-Division - Hannover  (Ia in von Lyncker's General Staff)
27.01.1907 Major
01.10.1907 Königliche Kriegsakademie - Berlin  (Instructor)
01.10.1910 XIV. Armeekorps - Karlsruhe  (Ia in von Hoiningen-Huene's General Staff)
16.01.1913 Oberstleutnant
01.10.1912 XIII. Königlich Württembergisches Armeekorps - Stuttgart  (Herzog Albrecht's Chief of Staff)
16.01.1913 Oberstleutnant
Assignments and Commands  (during Great War)
02.08.1914 XIII. Armeekorps  =  5. Armee  (Fabeck's Chief of Staff)
23.01.1915 Oberste Heeresleitung  (Deputy Chief of Operations)
24.07.1915 Oberst
26.09.1915 3. Armee  (von Einem's Chief of Staff)
02.07.1916 2. Armee  (Fritz von Below's Chief of Staff)
19.07.1916 1. Armee  (Fritz von Below's Chief of Staff)
11.04.1917 6. Armee  (Otto von Below's Chief of Staff)
12.06.1917 4. Armee  (Sixt von Armin's Chief of Staff)
03.08.1917 Generalmajor
06.08.1918 Heeresgruppe Boehn  (Boehn's Chief of Staff)
31.10.1918 Heeresgruppe Herzog Albrecht von Württemberg   (Herzog Albrecht's Chief of Staff)
Pour le Merite:  21 September 1918  (Oakleaves:  24 April 1917)
Uniform:  9. (Preußisches) Infanterie-Regiment - Potsdam  (31.1.1927)
highest rank:  Generalmajor

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