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     Max Stapff        

Max Stapff
(7.9.1870 - 1.11.1938)
place of birth:  Viesebach bei Altenburg

German field officer and Blue Max winner Max Stapff served on several general staffs during the Great War. Stapff began the War on the Eastern Front and participated in the Battle of Tannenberg. He was Chief Operations Officer-Ia (1.GSO) on staff with General von Gallwitz as those troops gradually made their way south, engaging the Russians at Przasnysz, Mlawa, and Nowogeorgiewsk.

After getting as far south as Serbia, Gallwitz' 11th Army was sent to the Western Front in early 1916 and saw action at Verdun. Major Stapff was transferred to serve with General Fritz von Below's 1st Army shortly after the Somme Offensive. Continuing his duties as Chief of Staff in Flanders area for generals Otto von Below and Georg von der Marwitz, receiving both a promotion to lieutenant colonel and the Pour le Merite medal. In early 1918, Stapff returned to the eastern theater and served as 10th Army Chief of Staff with commander Erich von Falkenhayn. As the Russians had already capitulated by then, 10th Army staff and troops were chiefly engaged in administrative tasks and overseeing the peaceful transfer of Russian troops to their homeland. After Armistice, Stapff continued his military service and retired from active duty in September 1921 as a brevetted colonel.

Assignments and Commands  (pre-War)
00.00.1889 Fu▀artillerie-Regiment
00.00.1890 Leutnant 
00.00.0000 Gouvernement Graudenz  (on general staff)
Assignments and Commands  (during Great War)
02.08.1914 Gouvernement Graudenz  (on general staff)
00.10.1914 Korps Zastrow  (on general staff)
20.11.1914 Garde-Reservekorps  (1.GSO on von Gallwitz' staff)
09.02.1915 Armeegruppe Gallwitz  (1.GSO on von Gallwitz' staff)
07.08.1915 12. Armee  (1.GSO on von Gallwitz' staff)
23.09.1915 11. Armee  (1.GSO on von Gallwitz' staff)
16.07.1916 1. Armee  (1.GSO on Fritz von Below's staff)
16.12.1916 VII. Reservekorps  (von Soden's Chief of Staff)
25.05.1917 6. Armee  (Otto von Below's Chief of Staff)
27.08.1917 2. Armee  (von der Marwitz' Chief of Staff)
18.12.1917 Oberstleutnant 
27.02.1918 10. Armee  (von Falkenhayn's Chief of Staff)
Pour le Merite:  23 December 1917
highest rank:  Oberstleutnant

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