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     Georg Graf von Waldersee        

Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Graf von Waldersee
(1.9.1860 - 7.9.1932)
place of birth: 

erman lieutenant general who briefly served as Eighth Army Command's Chief of Staff as the Great War broke out on the Eastern Front. He was fired at the end of August 1914 along with his commander Generaloberst von Prittwitz, when German Supreme Army Command replaced them with the historic pairing of Generals von Hindenburg and Ludendorff. Prior to the Great War, von Waldersee had served as von Bissing's VII. Corps Chief of Staff and was also a Senior Quartermaster on Germany's Great General Staff.

Assignments and Commands  (pre-War)
22.04.1905 VII. Armeekorps - Münster  (Frh von Bissing's Chief of Staff)
27.01.1907 1. Großherzoglich Mecklenburgisches Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 17 - Ludwigslust  (Cdr)
01.04.1911 3. Kavallerie-Brigade - Stetten  (Cdr) 
22.04.1912 unknown
00.00.1913 Großer Generalstab:  Oberquartiermeister - Berlin  (Senior Quartermaster of the Great General Staff)
Assignments and Commands  (during Great War)
02.08.1914 8. Armee  (Prittwitz und Gaffron's Chief of Staff) 
23.08.1914 unknown
Pour le Merite:  n/a
highest rank:  Generalleutnant

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