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     Friedrich August II Gro▀herzog von Oldenburg        

Friedrich August II Grand Duke of Oldenburg
(16.11.1852 - 24.2.1931)
place of birth:  Oldenburg, Groherzogtum Oldenburg 

he last reigning Grand Duke of Oldenburg,
he was the eldest son of Grand Duke of Oldenburg Nikolaus Friedrich and Princess Elisabeth of Saxony-Altenburg. Friedrich August II took over upon his father's death and was considered a typical conservative supporter of Wilhelmine ideal. Like Wilhelm II, he also was deeply interested in sailing and maritime issues. He was appointed by Wilhelm II as a full admiral in the Imperial Naval, the only one from Germany's nobility to attain that rank. After the Great War ended, he retired to Rastede Castle near Oldenburg, where he was laid to rest in 1931.

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