Imperial German Army Orders of Battle - 2.8.1914      Organizational Details
OHL:   Supreme Command of Imperial Germany 1.AOK:    First Field Army Armeekorps:  Army Corps
Generalstab:   pre-War Great General Staff; history 2.AOK:    Second Field Army Infanterie-Division:  Infantry Division
Kriegsministerium:   Prussian War Ministry; history 3.AOK:    Third Field Army Infanterie-Brigade:  Infantry Brigade
Armee-Inspektion:   Army Inspectorates; history 4.AOK:    Fourth Field Army Regiment:  Infantry Regiment
Inspektionen:   German General Inspectorates 5.AOK:    Fifth Field Army Bataillon:  Infantry Battalion
Armeekorps:   Army Corps Districts & Staffs; history 6.AOK:    Sixth Field Army Kompanie:  Infantry & MG-Company
Bayern:   Bavarian General Staff & War Ministry 7.AOK:    Seventh Field Army Pionier:  Pioneer Battalion
Sachsen:   Saxon General Staff & War Ministry 8.AOK:    Eighth Field Army

Kavallerie-Division:  Cavalry Division

Württemberg:    Wurtemmberg's War Ministery HKK:       Senior Cavalry Commands Feldartillerie-Brigade:  Field Artillery Brigade
Mittelmächte:   Central Powers during Great War   Korps-Truppen:  Corps Troops
Prussian Generals  1814 Military Glossary  A-J Organizational Diagrams            
German Generals  1914 Military Glossary  K-Z Army Corps Districts
Army & Corps Commanders  1914-18 Divisional Commanders  1914-18 Imperial Regiments   
AOK:   Commanders Field Armies 1 - 8 Infanterie a:   Infantry 1 - 35, Guards Infanterie:   Infantry 1 - 182, Guards    
AOK:   Commanders Field Armies 9 - 19 Infanterie b:   Infantry 36 - 123 Kavallerie:   Cavalry   
Heeresgruppen West:   Army Groups West Infanterie c:   Infantry 183 - 303 Feld/Fussartillerie:   Field & Foot Artillery   
Heeresgruppen Ost:  Army Groups East Reserve a:   Reserve Infantry 1 - 39 kgl Bayerische:   Royal Bavarian   
Armeeabteilungen:   Army Detachment Reserve b:   Reserve Infantry 43 - 82 Jäger & MG:  Jäger Bn & Machine-Gun Det   
Armeekorps:   Corps Command Staffs Kavallerie:   Cavalry 1 - 9 Pionier/Funk/Train:   Pioneers, Radio, Train   
Reservekorps:   Reserve Corps Command Staffs Bayern:   Bavarian Infantry, Reserve  
HKKs:   Senior Cavalry Commanders Landwehr:   Landwehr 1 - 85  
Generalkommandos:  General Commands    misc:   Alpenkorps, Navy, Ersatz  
1914 1915 1916 / 1917 1918   
Liege:  1-16 Aug Neuve Chapelle:  10-13 Mar Verdun:  Feb-Dec German Offensives:   
Frontiers:  14-25 Aug Second Ypres: Somme:  June-Nov Allied Offensives:   
Gumbinnen:  17-20 Aug Artois:    
Tannenberg:  23-31 Aug Second Champagne: 1917  
Le Cateau:  26 Aug Loos: Arras:  
First Marne:  5-10 Sep Second Masurian: Second Aisne:  
First Aisne:  14-27 Sep Gorlice-Tarnow: Messines:  
First Ypres:  12 Oct - 30 Nov Brusilov Offensive: Passchendaele:  
Lodz:  11 Nov - 6 Dec   Cambrai:  



The Prussian Machine

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