Berhard III. Friedrich Wilhelm Albert Georg Erbprinz von
Sachsen-Meiningen, Herzog zu Sachsen
(01.04.1851 - 16.01.1928)
place of birth:  Meiningen, Herzogtum Sachsen-Meiningen
Königreich Sachsen:  Generaloberst m.d.R. GFM


Colonel general who was promoted to the temporary rank of general field marshal in September 1909. He was the son of Duke George II of Saxe- Meiningen and was married to Kaiser Wilhelm II's oldest sister Charlotte. Although placed on inactive duty in 1912, during the Great War Duke Bernhard spent some time on the Western Front visiting the troops from his duchy. The last ruling Duke of Sachsen- Meiningen, Bernhard III died in January 1928 in his hometown of Meiningen.


Generaloberst .................... 11.09.1909   (mit dem Range eines GFM)

Militär-St-Heinrich .......... 00