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     Carl Prinz von Preußen        

Prinz Friedrich Carl Alexander von Preußen
(29.6.1801 - 21.1.1883)
place of birth:  Schloss Charlottenburg near Berlin

Prussian prince and soldier who was the third son of King Friedrich Wilhelm III and Queen Luise. His brother Albrecht also served in the military and attained the rank of Generaloberst. Prince Carl entered military service as a 10-year old cadet in 1811. He eventually took command of the 12th Infantry Regiment in 1822 and then commanded 2nd Guards Division in 1830. 

In 1839, Prince Carl became the first Inspector General to head up the 2nd Army Inspectorate (then known as 2nd Army Abteilung).  After serving a year in that position, he later returned to it in 1848 and remained in that capacity for the next 15 years. In 1854, he was Generalfeldzeugmeister and Chief of the Prussian Artillery. From 1864 through 1866 he served as the Governor of Mainz.


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