Friedrich II. Groherzog von Baden
(09.07.1857 - 09.08.1928)
place of birth:  Karlsruhe, Groherzogtum Baden

Gro▀herzogtum Baden:  Gro▀herzog; Generaloberst m.d.R. GFM


The eldest son of Grand Duke Friedrich I. and Grand Duchess Luise von Baden, Friedrich II. succeeded his father in 1907 as royal head of the Grand Duchy. Friedrich II. was rather well-liked as a leader and continued his father's progressive policies until the so-called November Revolution of 1918 forced his abdication. As head of Baden's military forces, he also served as a colonel general with the rank of field marshal, attaining that status in September 1918. He died in August 1928 and is buried in Badenweiler.


Generaloberst .................... 11.09.1909   (mit dem Range als GFM)