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     Friedrich Leopold Prinz von Preußen        

Prinz Joachim Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Leopold von Preußen
(14.11.1865 - 13.9.1931)
place of birth:  Berlin

Prussian prince and soldier who was the son of Prince Friedrich Karl von Preussen and Princess Marie-Anne von Anhalt-Dessau. He headed up the Fourth Cavalry Inspectorate in 1900, as well as the First Army Inspectorate from 1907 to 1913 as its headquarters was transferred from Berlin to Danzig.

Prince Friedrich Leopold entered the military as a 10-year old cadet in 1875, and by 1893 had been promoted to Generalmajor and commander of the Garde-du-Corps cavalry regiment in Berlin. In 1898 he oversaw the Prussian Cavalry Inspectorate in Potsdam, serving during the Russo-Japanese War as military advisor within Russian Headquarters. He was ultimately promoted to Generaloberst in 1910.


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