Karl Georg Albrecht Ernst von Hake
(08.08.1768 - 19.05.1835)
place of birth:  Gut Flatow bei Kremmen, Brandenburg
Königreich Preußen:  Kriegsminister,  Generalstabschef,  General der Infanterie


Prussian General of Infantry
and War Minister who served as a page for Frederick the Great at the age of twelve. He began his military career in 1785 in the Guards Regiment. Hake later distinguished himself during the revolutionary wars, winning the Pour le Merite for his efforts at Pirmasens. He was wounded in 1814 at Leipzig and was awarded two iron cross medals. He succeeded Scharnhorst as War Minister (1810-13), serving simultaneously as Chief of General Staff under Friedrich Wilhelm III. He again served as War Minister from 1819 to 1833. He died near Naples, Italy on 19 May 1835.


Kriegsminister  .............. 17.06.1810  -  00.08.1813;   26.12.1819  -  20.10.1833

Generalstabschef  ......... 17.06.1810  -  00.03.1812

General der Infanterie .. 00

Pour le Mérite ................. 00.00.1793   (Eichenlaub:  03.04.1814)