Karl Friedrich Wilhelm von Reyher
(21.06.1786 - 07.10.1857)
place of birth:  Groß Schönebeck, Brandenburg

Königreich Preußen:  Kriegsminister,  Generalstabschef,  General der Kavallerie


Prussian general of cavalry
Karl von Reyher served briefly as Minister of War in 1848, succeeding Ferdinand von Rohr. Reyher later followed von Krauseneck as Prussia's Chief of General Staff, serving in that role from 1849 to 1857. He was a strong advocate of the strategic potential of the railways, proposing policies that would make the them more effective for military use. This included keeping up with new developments, assigning military men to study railway technology, and fostering cooperation between soldiers and technicians. Most of his concrete ideas in this regard never came to fruition. He died in Berlin on 7 October 1857.


Kriegsminister  ............... 02.04.1848  -  26.04.1848

Generalstabschef  .......... 13.05.1848  -  07.10.1857

General der Kavallerie .. 12.01.1855