One boat carrying logs and another one dragging them across the water.

I'm sure it's a nice place, but the view of town from the ship is not exactly breathtaking. Just a regular town.

It would seem that Scandinavian immigrants played a part in Prince Rupert's history. Why else would they fly these flags?
I believe this to be the Museum of Northern British Columbia. We didn't visit, but it's an interesting looking building.
Our time in Prince Rupert was to be spent on a marine life excursion. So all aboard the Tsimshian Storm and let's look for whales and seals and eagles and other marine life.
On the way out, we passed the village of Metlakatla, a community of Tsimshian Indians. The people running this excursion were all Tsimshian.
A bald eagle. We saw many over the course of the trip, but I was rubbish at getting a decent photo of one. This was the best of the lot.
Other eagles. I think these were golden eagles.
Once we got out to the prime whale area, all the boats just stopped and waited.
Somewhere under that disturbance in the water's surface is a humpback whale.
Ooh, slightly more disturbed water.

Click here for a 14-second video of a bald eagle. This one swooped down over our heads and into the water for something to eat. I couldn't get his splash into the water, but I got him taking off again. Be sure to pay attention to the thrilling audio featuring the stepmother and the nephew.

Now there's a whale. This was the best opportunity for a whale picture, so I just pointed and started clicking.
More of the whale.
That's the best picture of it I got. As I said,  I just pointed and clicked. But when I did, I wasn't looking through the camera. I wanted to get a good look at it with my own eyes instead of through a camera lens. Because of that, my aim with the camera sort of drifted and the last photo, one of the tail out of the water, was so off that only a small part of it was even in the shot. In fact, this one was way off to the left of the original photo too. I cropped it here to be a closer look and so that I didn't seem like the worst photographer in the world.
More mountains. I know, I know. Enough with the mountains already. But just like my Nevada trip, I just found myself taking so many pictures of snow-covered mountains.
Here are the Tsimshian people who run the boat excursion.
The Sun. Don't stare straight at it. You'll go blind. No wait, that's masturbation. What happens when you stare directly at the sun, hairy palms?
That's a shopping mall. It says so right on the side.
One of the first things I noticed on the trip was that the channel that shows the position of the ship featured a map with a strange error. The U.S.-Canada border looks suspiciously like the U.S.-Mexico border. Either that, or the Canucks have captured huge parts of Montana, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc while we weren't looking. I had to wait until we got back closer to Seattle to be able to get a picture. You figure someone with the cruise line would have noticed this mistake.
Dawn in Seattle. That's her right down there. Can you see her waiving?

I came back sick as a dog and with a sinus infection. But it was a nice cruise. Everyone always raves about the Alaskan cruises and for good reason. Even as someone who does not prefer cruising, the scenery was beautiful.

Anyway, that's it. I have no clever ending.

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