Joe's Original Wave Files Joe's Original Wave Files Joe's Original Wave Files

Last update: November 29, 2002

Here is a collection of original wave files. You won't find these anywhere else! The descriptions are completely subjective. You'll have to listen to each one.

Each file is very small and suitable for attaching to Windows events. They can replace the standard beeps and sounds that come with Windows.

You'll find beeps, slides, bops, twinkles, even a copy of familiar tunes. Each file is an original that I created and recorded myself.

Download them here one at a time.

Please share them with your friends, but don't use them for any commercial purposes. These files are copyrighted by me and are not in public domain! They are intended for personal use only.

Yes, I do take requests. If you have an idea for a new sound Email write me and tell me about it. I'll see what I can do. But please don't ask me to create sounds from CDs, movies, TV shows, or realistic sound effects. My specialty is little-bitty musical ditties. I'll leave the pop sounds to other people.

If you have any comments about these files, or if you want to use them for a commercial purpose, I would love to hear from you! Send an email to: Email (Actually, I'd like to hear from ANYBODY that downloads these files. Just send me a note and tell me what you think of them!)

(Are you having trouble downloading any of these files? CLICK HERE for some help and suggestions.)

Joe's Original Wave Files

jad0001a.wav  28,024 bytes  Smear and fade

jad0002a.wav  35,318 bytes  Smooth down and fade

jad0003a.wav   3,480 bytes  Short scrape

jad0003b.wav   3,480 bytes  Ripp

jad0004a.wav  14,314 bytes  Smear up

jad0004b.wav  16,556 bytes  Build and stop

jad0005a.wav  13,176 bytes  Two quick tones up

jad0006a.wav 101,960 bytes  Two nice bells up

jad0007a.wav   6,246 bytes  Laser shots

jad0007b.wav   7,348 bytes  Laser sweeps

jad0008a.wav 138,974 bytes  Tinkle tinkle fade

jad0008b.wav 132,134 bytes  Chaos and fade

jad0009a.wav  25,276 bytes  Low tinkle and fade

jad0009b.wav  21,230 bytes  Low chaos and fade

jad0010a.wav  19,044 bytes  Charge!

jad0011a.wav  38,514 bytes  Fading low bells

jad0012a.wav  14,316 bytes  Wobbly doiing

jad0013a.wav  25,174 bytes  Tragic soap opera organ

jad0014a.wav  40,426 bytes  Chopsticks

jad0015a.wav  53,568 bytes  Beethoven's Fifth

jad0016a.wav   6,248 bytes  Short squat

jad0017a.wav  18,344 bytes  Low tragic soap opera organ

jad0018a.wav  42,976 bytes  Sweep up and out

jad0018b.wav  42,976 bytes  Lots of chaos

jad0019a.wav  78,444 bytes  Shave and a haircut

jad0020a.wav  68,550 bytes  Long sweep and long fade

jad0021a.wav  77,986 bytes  Sweep up by octaves

jad0022a.wav  24,440 bytes  Medium Pleasant tone

jad0022b.wav  24,120 bytes  Wobbly daa-waa-waa-waa

jad0023a.wav  30,376 bytes  High pleasant tone

jad0024a.wav   5,490 bytes  Medium naaaagh!

jad0024b.wav  10,850 bytes  Low naaagh!

jad0025a.wav   7,896 bytes  Four quick tones

jad0025b.wav   7,896 bytes  Four smeared tones

jad0026a.wav  22,668 bytes  Fast scale up

jad0026b.wav  14,896 bytes  Fast scale down

jad0027a.wav  20,222 bytes  High fast chaos

jad0028a.wav  26,530 bytes  Smurrpah!

jad0029a.wav  11,726 bytes  Three irritating tones

jad0030a.wav  23,876 bytes  Trumpet fanfare

jad0031a.wav   6,120 bytes  Two dissonant tones

jad0032a.wav  49,934 bytes  Cluster portamento up

jad0033a.wav   2,376 bytes  Two irritating tones down

jad0033b.wav   2,376 bytes  Two irritating tones up

jad0034a.wav   3,072 bytes  Two very irritating tones down

jad0035a.wav  27,654 bytes  Low taps

jad0036a.wav  11,108 bytes  Irritating trill

jad0037a.wav  20,968 bytes  Skipping melody

jad0038a.wav  17,822 bytes  Peter pumpkin eater

jad0039a.wav  19,454 bytes  Dissonant triad

jad0040a.wav  23,496 bytes  Johnnie has a girl friend

jad0041a.wav  10,052 bytes  Five scale up

jad0042a.wav  24,886 bytes  Mesquito chaos

jad0043a.wav   3,618 bytes  Dooipp

jad0043b.wav   3,194 bytes  Whaap

jad0044a.wav  37,810 bytes  Nice harp arpeggio

jad0044b.wav  37,810 bytes  Almost a helicopter

jad0045a.wav  11,106 bytes  Seven note melody

jad0046a.wav  32,324 bytes  Very pleasant chord

jad0047a.wav  93,762 bytes  Warrrrmmm schmoooze

jad0048a.wav  99,822 bytes  Up and down together

jad0049a.wav 129,410 bytes  Fuzzy five tone melody

jad0050a.wav  30,824 bytes  Two fast triads

jad0051a.wav 111,962 bytes  Smee-oop

jad0052a.wav  99,572 bytes  Fast three blind mice

jad0053a.wav  27,056 bytes  Glissando down

jad0054a.wav  55,710 bytes  Very high tink

jad0055a.wav  48,588 bytes  Wood blocks up and down

jad0055b.wav  57,408 bytes  Chaotic wood blocks

jad0056a.wav 269,266 bytes  Dixie!

jad0057a.wav 307,790 bytes  Beethoven's Ninth

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It features real-time amplitude, spectrum, and spectrogram
oscilloscopes, intelligent large file editing, numerous effects,
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