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The Lady Anne is a 23' fiberglass hull steam launch. Her home port is on the Assawoman Bay in Fenwick Island, Delaware. The maiden voyage of the Lady Anne was at the September 1989 Lee's Mills Steam Boat meet at Lake Winnipesauke, New Hampshire.

The Lady Anne on Lake Winnipesauke, New Hampshire - 2002

The Lady Anne is powered by a seven horsepower 1904 Stanley Steam Car engine.


Lady Anne's Engine - 1904 Stanley

  Video of the 1904 Stanley operating at Lake Winnipesauke, NH  

Blowing down the steam chest.

She has a 40 sq.ft. vertical fire tube boiler and runs on an operating pressure of 150 PSI.

Boiler of Lady Anne

Boiler of the Lady Anne

Firebox of Lady Anne

Firebox of the Lady Anne--Coal or wood.

Hydrostatic Lubricator, Whistle & Main Pressure Gauge

The Ladyanne is now condensing with a vacuum pump

and an internal heat exchange condenser. The system uses a belt driven pump to draw

sea water through the condenser. This collapses exhaust steam back into water for repeated use.

(Pictures to follow)


The Lady Anne was built by John A. Duffy and was a family project.

Captain John A. Duffy- S/L Lady Anne & Anne Duffy (The real "Lady Anne")


The Author - John H. Duffy

Mike Duffy

The Co-Author - John M. Duffy

Issac K. Duffy     (4th Generation Steam boater!)



Steaming on Lake Winnipesauke

Video of various Steam boating operations

Lady Anne

Lady Anne under steam

The Ladyanne with other boats at the Lee's Mill Steamboat Meet 2002

Lady Anne
Lady Anne at Lewes, Delaware Boat Parade


 Mike Duffy
Anne Duffy
The REAL "Lady Anne" not exactly acting her age!

Aurora Borealis - New Hampshire Sept 2002 - During Lees Mill Steam Meet


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