'67 Chevelle Malibu - L79 327/325hp 
Foto #1:
1967 Chevelle Malibu - Marina Blue - Matching Blue Interior with Buckets, no center console.  Removed the 327 emblems from above flags to give appearance of 283 power.  Reversed chrome rims were the rage in '67 for folks who wanted some flash but didn't have the cash to go with aftermarket wheels.  Note narrower, larger-diameter tires on front to give a longer roll thru staging lights at the track.  Rears were the original Firestone F70x14s with the red-lines on the inside.  Car had no power steering or brakes to minimize drag on engine and keep weight down.  Stock exhaust was large diameter, maybe 2 1/2 inch, back to mufflers with no resonators and of course no catastrophic convertors then.  They exited behind rear wheel on each side.  Brakes were the sintered-metallic linings with specially hardened drums option that Chevelle offered in '67.  Built in Baltimore; 2 weeks, 4 days from order to delivery in Laurel, MD, Mid-City Chevrolet.
Foto 2:
Factory Stock; L79, 327 - 325 HP - Forged crank/pistons; 2.02 Intake valves, hydraulic lifters, Aluminum High Rise Intake, Holly 4bbl carb, Wide-ratio Muncie 4-speed with Hurst Shifter, 3.73 Positraction Rear.  Note sending unit mounted on fender well for old-style Sun 2-piece tach.  Also note Electronic Ignition unit on firewall behind distributor.  Everything in this foto was original equipment, except ignition unit and tach.  This car was a street sleeper, consistently besting SS396 Chevelles, GTOs, 442s, Ford and Mopar pretenders.  Consistent 13.9/102mph running Street Stock through stock dual-exhaust at Capital Drag Raceway, which means street performance was similar.  You saw a lot of '66 Chevy IIs with this engine rated at 350hp, but very few '67 Chevelles.  I loved it and kick myself in the ass to this day for ever selling it.
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Updated 12/03/03