Thankfully, I am unique. I'm a genius (IQ = 155). I'm transgendered, male-to-female. I'm disabled, with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. I'd prefer to think that I'm a lesbian, but lesbians generally don't agree with me about that. I'm an ex-Catholic, an ex-atheist, an ex-Pagan, who's returned to Paganism again.

I'm a computer geek. I'm a lapidary who makes her own jewelry and cuts her own stones. I'm a homebrewer - beer and mead. I roast my own coffee, and brew my own chai. I am owned by the four best cats in the universe - Princess Momcat, her son Fray Thomas Catt and daughter The Queen Callie Co Catt, and our bob-tailed tiger-striped Dainty Feet.

I'm a once, and future (once I cure myself of MS) gun owner - a Russian SKS carbine that's older than I am, a Ruger 10-22, a Savage Arms 300 Win Mag, and my beloved Stoeger Navy Model 9mm Parabellum. Alas, I sold them all during one of my more-serious suicidal phases.

I also used to own a kitcar, a replica Ford GT-40. Sweetest little hanger queen I ever saw :) Gotta love her racing Porsche 356SC powerplant. 120+ mph, 30+ mpg on regular gas, lovingly painted in sapphire blue metalflake Imron, manual steering 3/4 turn lock-to-lock. I miss her.