Big, Fat, Stinking Software
Speed Freak is not remembering my settings, what's up with that? I've received a few emails on this topic and have been unable to duplicate the problem. I've exchanged emails with several of these people and found that Speed Freak behaves normally under another user account on the same computer. This leads me to believe that this is a problem specific to that user. I would reccomend repairing permissions and running repairs on the disk.
Screensaver X is not remembering it's settings. What gives? I've identified a bug in the Quartz Composer format where any values entered are not remembered until you tab out of the field. This is probably what you're seeing. Just make sure the field no longer has focus when you close the pref panel and it should work just fine.
I am running Mac OSX 10.Blah.Blah with this modification and that modification. Can I use your software? Maybe. I'm just a guy with a mac. I have a full time job (which doesn't involve writing software), a wife, a house full of animals and maintain several other web sites. In short, this is just a hobby for now and I don't have the time or resources to do extensive testing. Verified compatibility is listed with each application description.
I found a bug, can you fix it. Yes. If I can reproduce the bug on my computer, I will attempt to fix it. Please check this page again before submitting a bug report.
I notice your Application X is similar to this person's application Y. What gives?

There's 2 reasons I write software:

  1. The program I need doesn't exists.
  2. The program I need does exist, but costs money.

Your question falls in category 2. Grow your own baby!

Why did you bother writing Application X? Can't you do all that from the command line? Yes, you can, but I'm lazy. I'd rather press a button than memorize a string of commands.
Where did you learn all this stuff? Mac OSX Hints, and Google searches.
So what other web sites do you do? All my personal sites can be accessed from this page. I also maintain my wife's pet rescue site.
Can you make me a windows version of program X? Nope, sorry. At this time, the only programming language I know is Applescript.
Why should I give you my hard earned money? To inspire me to keep writing software. Trust me, I have plenty of other things I need to be doing. Do you know how long it's been since I cleaned my gutters?
How much money should I give you? It's a donation, that's up to you.