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7/8/07: The wait is over! All you lucky bastards with shiny new Intel Macs can now take full advantage of Speed Freak. Version 2.8 has been released and it's a Universal Binary!

Also, I've added 2 common questions to the FAQ. One regarding a Speed Freak issue and one regarding a common issue with my Screensavers.

6/21/07: You asked for it. All you lucky bastards with shiny-new intel based macs have been asking for a universal binary of Speed Freak. Well, the final candidate is testing right now. I've been running it for 24 hours straight with no problems yet. Look for it next week. Though, I have to wonder, I made the app to squeeze more speed out of my dusty old 733MHz G4. Why are you intel mac guys even using it? Don't those things have cycles to spare?

Also, I'm considering open sourcing the app if I get enough donations to buy a new mac (my fastest mac is the dusty g4 mentioned above). Any opinions on that? Email me.

1/31/07: Longest Day 1.0   has been released. Longest Day is yet another clock screensaver, but inspired by the show "24".

12/14/06: Big, Fat, Stinking Snowman 1.3  updated to 1.3 adding new features!

11/06/06: Big, Fat, Stinking Snowman 1.2 updated to 1.2 fixing a problem where an incorrect number of snowmen are spawned.

1/23/06: Speed Freak updated to 2.7.1 fixing a problem with the Japanese environment.

1/20/06: We got all kinds of crap: Speed Freak 2.7, Tweak Freak 2.1, Time Bomb 1.2, Finderfresh 1.0, and 2 new screensavers: Yin Yang Dance and World News Tonight, and as if that wasn't enough, I've posted several links to sources of free games and software on the Whatnot page.

1/13/06: Yes, I am still alive. Life has been hectic as of late and spare time has been scarce. However, I will be making it up to you soon. Updated versions of Tweak Freak and Speed Freak are imminent as well as the release of a new screen saver and a new application.

12/22/05: Whatnot is now open.

12/22/05: The Big, Fat, Stinking Snowman is new and improved!

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