EZ stickers

ATOC (the car rack people) have come out with stickers sets for drivers to display their cycling allegiance.  They've got singles, tandems, and a generic recumbent: http://www.atoc.com/decals.htm .

Unfortunately for me, it's generic in the wrong direction: it's short wheelbase, whereas my wife and I ride long wheelbase Tour Easys.  A little work with scissors and some layout tape cured that. I followed the instructions found at http://www.signspecialist.com/instructions.html for the most part, but since I wanted a modified sticker, I knew I had to improvise.

I put down a couple straight strips of tape an inch above the bottom edge of the for reference, then temporarily taped the whole sticker where I wanted it. I then carefully cut away the front wheel portion, leaving the other parts of the sticker undisturbed.  The "front wheel" was then repositioned  (using paper tape to hold it in place) in front of the "rider".  It took a couple tries to get the relationship right.  After that, I peeled the backing off of the "front wheel" and rubbed it down with a Popsicle stick.  I then removed the top mask for the "wheel".  I repeated the process for the balance of the sticker.  It looks like this now:

Left side:

Right side:

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