Human-powered vehicle photo gallery

Guru to the hot dog vendor:
"Make me one with everything."


My current bikes:

2002 GRR (polished)

1991 Lightning P-38 (white) P-38
2011 Access mountain bike/cargo bike Access mountain bike

Current projects in progress:

Cuda W-2 (The Whole Paycheck)

1976 Schwinn Superior restoration (green)


Gone from the collection:

Schwinn LeTour single-speed (white)


2000 K2 Evo 3.0 FS MTB frame(red/white)


Steelman fixie (pearl blue/purple)


1999 Bianchi Alloro road bike (Bianchi green)


Fort 2x1000 'cross bike (olive)


1998 Tour Easy (black)



Diane's bikes:

2005 GRR (white) GRR

2002 Tour Easy (black)





Many years ago (1982-1985) I was a partner in a company called Aerocoupe Cyclecars.  We built and sold these recumbent trikes in Pasadena, CA.  We didn't make any money at it, but it was fun while it lasted! (And, yes, I cringe every time I see myself in those socks.) 

This photo was taken in the San Gabriel River- one of the flood control channels in the Los Angeles area.  The water's only a 1/2 inch deep, but it's somewhat permanent, so it grows a layer of really slippery algae.  We had a blast that day pulling brodies, 180's and 360's, all while we were getting soaked.  I'm still amazed that we didn't pick up some vile disease from the water... but that's another story.

I've scanned a collection of photos I have from that time and posted them here.

Since then, I've acquired a wife, a couple careers, and even more bikes. We moved to Vancouver in 1996, and hooked up with the local recumbent bike club. I took advantage of an opportunity to start the Human Power Challenge at Portland International Raceway in 2000, which has taken off and become an annual event since then.

Bike improvement projects

I'm a tinkerer. My work with Coroplast led me to write instructions on how to build tailboxes for Lightnings. Here's the results.

Then there's my attempt at putting a fairing on my Lightning.

If your recumbent's fairing gets too beat up, spruce it up with spray paint.

f you want to go for "looks", here's what I consider to be the most beautiful human-powered vehicle of all time.

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