Aerocoupe Cyclecars


This is a collection of photos of the Aerocoupe HPV I helped manufacture from 1982 to 1985. The photos are getting old and yellow, so the colors are kind of unnatural.

There are 5 collections of photos:


A bunch of shots that show the general layout of the machine: two-in-front, one-rear trike. 20" front wheels, 26" rear wheel. Most had a two chain drive through a modified tandem crankset: the primary chain ran under the seat on the left side of the frame, crossing over to the right side behind the rider for conventional shifting. We built one with a three-speed internal gear hub.

beauty01 beauty02 beauty03 beauty04 beauty05
beauty01.jpg beauty02.jpg beauty03.jpg beauty04.jpg beauty05.jpg
beauty06 beauty07 beauty08 beauty09 beauty10
beauty06.jpg beauty07.jpg beauty08.jpg beauty09.jpg beauty10.jpg


This is a collection of shots taken at the 1982 IHPSC. There were a couple locations: Orange County International Raceway and a straight stretch of road in Carson, California. There was also a preview day at the velodrome located on the campus of Cal State Dominguez Hills.

The vehicle at this point had our Mark I fairing- flat sides, flat top, pointy nose, cut off tail. Even with this primitive fairing, minimal training, and no sleep in the previous week, I managed a best speed of 38 mph in the 200 meter sprint.

We had several riders, ranging in height from just over five feet to 6 foot 4 inches. Since our seat wasn't easily adjustable, the shorter riders ended up flat on their backs. The taller riders, including me, hung out in the airstream.

track01 track02 track03 track04 track05 track06
track01.jpg track02.jpg track03.jpg track04.jpg track05.jpg track06.jpg
track07 track08 track09 track10 track11
track07.jpg track08.jpg track09.jpg track10.jpg track11.jpg

Mark II

Mark II is the second version of our fairing. It, like the first, was made of plastic-coated foamcore and clear plastic. This was held together with hot glue and black plastic tape. If I recall, the whole fairing weighed about 7 pounds.

One problem I had with this fairing was that it was built for an "average" size person. Since I'm 6-foot-4, I didn't fit under the top. If you look at markii05 , you can see that I had to slide down in the seat and tilt my head to the side to fit. Even with that, my head's pushing up on the top.

markii01 markii02 markii03 markii04 markii05
markii01.jpg markii02.jpg markii03.jpg markii04.jpg markii05.jpg
markii06 markii07 markii08 markii09 markii11
markii06.jpg markii07.jpg markii08.jpg markii09.jpg markii11.jpg


This is a series of photos we shot on a test ride along the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers in Los Angeles County. Actually, "river" is a misnomer- they're concrete-lined flood control channels. This means the bottom of the channel is a completely flat, hard surface, usually covered by a half-inch of water. This coats the concrete with a layer of very slick algae- great for doing tricks like J-turns and 360-degree spins. Of course, you could catch some vile sickness riding here… but who thinks of that?

My favorite of this whole bunch is river11.

river01 river02 river03 river04 river05 river06
river01.jpg river02.jpg river03.jpg river04.jpg river05.jpg river06.jpg
river07 river08 river09 river10 river11 river12
river07.jpg river08.jpg river09.jpg river10.jpg river11.jpg river12.jpg


A couple casual photos of team members: Greg Eckholt and Mark Murphy. Greg died unexpectedly in 2005, but Mark's working in Creswell, Oregon on three-wheeled electric cars he calls "BugE's".

markmurphy gregeckholt
markmurphy.jpg gregeckholt.jpg