Our house remodel 2008

So- after living in our house for 7 1/2 years, we decided to update the interior. Since the old paint was "contractor beige" and the floor was covered in well-worn carpeting, it would have been tough to not make improvements.  There was an odd feature that I wanted to "fix", too.

Jeff Wills

house08101 house08106 house08107 house08108 house08110 house08113
house08101.jpg house08106.jpg house08107.jpg house08108.jpg house08110.jpg house08113.jpg
house08115 house08116 house08118 house08121 house08122 house08123
house08115.jpg house08116.jpg house08118.jpg house08121.jpg house08122.jpg house08123.jpg
house08128 house08130 house08133 house08135 house08137 house08138
house08128.jpg house08130.jpg house08133.jpg house08135.jpg house08137.jpg house08138.jpg
house08140 house08141 house08142 house08143 house082001 house082002
house08140.jpg house08141.jpg house08142.jpg house08143.jpg house082001.jpg house082002.jpg
house082004 house082006 house082007 house082009 house082010 house082012
house082004.jpg house082006.jpg house082007.jpg house082009.jpg house082010.jpg house082012.jpg

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