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Jeff at Bicycle Idaho

Here I am, ready for the road!

Meet my wife, Diane:

We're recumbent bicycle
 enthusiasts (duh!)
in the Portland, Oregon area.

Diane at Bicycle Idaho


lowracer There's more about me in the obligatory photo gallery with pictures of my bike collection and my fairing experiment. 

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Among other things, I'm involved in a couple different bicycle organizations: Oregon Human Powered Vehicles and Vancouver Bicycle Club .


I lead a monthly recumbent-oriented bike ride for both of these bike clubs.
The February 2007 edition was pretty special.


A friend builds little electric cars. Here's pictures the latest variation.
lowracer He and I built recumbent trikes way back before they became fashionable. Here's some photos from that time.
lowracer Each year I lead a ride on the first Saturday of Spring, which we call The Rites of Spring. In 2002, we had freezing rain, snow, sleet, hail and brilliant sunshine. You might be surprised that we really enjoyed ourselves! Here's some photos from the OHPV/VBC Rites of Spring 2000 . Here's some photos from the 2004 edition. The 2005 edition was nearly a complete bust. But then the 2007 edition was nearly as good as it gets.
lowracer Over the last couple of years I've been heavily involved in putting on human-powered vehicle races at Portland International Raceway. These happen each Memorial Day weekend. Take a look at the OHPV website for the most current information.
lowracer Each August, we head for the beach to play around on our bikes. This is the Recumbent Retreat.
lowracer Sometimes the weather pulls a fast one on us and it gets real pretty around here.  Then we ride! And we ride some more!
lowracer You know you're sick when you put bike stickers on your car.
And you're really, really sick when you combine Norse mythology with Monty Python-esque humor upright bike
lowracer Here's what I think is the most beautiful human-powered vehicle of all time.


If you really must know, here's what I do in real life.


We did a little remodeling on our house in 2008.