Easy Racers Gold Rush
When I bought this bike in the summer of 2008, it was a little beat up. It had spent a couple years in the Arizona desert sun, and looked it. I took it apart, polished the frame, cranks, handlebars, and just about everything that's aluminum.
Now it's shiny, shiny, shiny! (Until I take it out for a ride. When I come back, I need to clean it again!)

jeff-grr 001 jeff-grr 003 jeff-grr 004 jeff-grr 006 jeff-grr 007
jeff-grr 001.jpg jeff-grr 003.jpg jeff-grr 004.jpg jeff-grr 006.jpg jeff-grr 007.jpg
jeff-grr 008 jeff-grr 009 jeff-grr 011    
jeff-grr 008.jpg jeff-grr 009.jpg jeff-grr 011.jpg

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