Schwinn LeTour seven-speed
I bought this frame as an upgrade to an old Raleigh that I'd put together as a single-speed. Since I liked that bike a whole lot, I decided that a really nice single-speed would be, ummm, really nice! I eventually did some parts swapping to make this seven speed. I use it for round-the-neighborhood rides- to the store, short shopping trips, coffee & muffin runs, etc.

Letour 004 Letour 006 Letour 007 Letour 008 Letour 009
Letour 004.jpg Letour 006.jpg Letour 007.jpg Letour 008.jpg Letour 009.jpg
Letour 010 Letour 011      
Letour 010.jpg Letour 011.jpg

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