Painting a Zzipper fairing
My current fairing (on the right) got the yellow stripes, some black graphics, and a white background. It took a couple days, most of the time spent masking. The top was left clear, although I ride with my head completely above the fairing. The middle fairing was my first attempt. It was really beat up when I got it, complete with a large crack up the center. I fixed it with fiberglass, then added the Mondrian design to hide all the repairs. It worked well until I crashed the bike and cracked the fairing on one side. I fixed that with riveted sheet metal, but then decided to retire the fairing. Diane's fairing has circles of reflective Avery vinyl in a "bubbles" pattern. These are easier to work with than paint, but they're on top of the plastic instead of underneath, which makes them less aesthetically pleasing.

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