Right now, I'm a Pharmacy Technician in Portland, Oregon, currently working at Legacy Emanuel hospital. To my surprise, it's a noisy, intense, pressure-packed environment, and it's one that I'm enjoying.  There's very little room for thought, and no room for error. You have to be right in so many dimensions. Some of what I've done is reflected in my Pharmacy Technician resume, but it hardly reflects the day-to-day pressures of the job. 

Before  this, I was a software QA engineer, most recently at Nike. If you're interested in the details, here's my QA resume. "Software QA engineer" means I have some programming essentials under my belt, but I don't have a CS degree to back it up. I think I've got a much wider view of the commercial software creation process, but it's tough to get ahead without the down-and-dirty essentials. For the most part, I play with programs until they break (which happens with depressing regularity). Breaking programs twice, in the same fashion, is the real trick.

Software was my second career. I spent fifteen years working various jobs in the bicycle business. I think it's a great business- it's a tough way to make a living, though. As you might have guessed, I still bike and work on bikes as a hobby.

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