Steelman fixie
I traded a couple recumbent bike frames for this cool track bike. Since I'm too chicken to ride track, I converted this bike to be a fixed-gear trainer. Now if I can just get enough free time to actually train...

steelman 001 steelman 002 steelman 003 steelman 004 steelman 005
steelman 001.jpg steelman 002.jpg steelman 003.jpg steelman 004.jpg steelman 005.jpg
steelman 006        
steelman 006.jpg

The particulars:

Fillet brazed steel
Carbon fiber fork for road use. Includes original steel fork
Campy C-Record cranks with 48 and 50 tooth chainrings
Campy seatpost, Selle San Marco saddle
Wheels are Suntour hubs, Sun M13 rims
anatomic handlebars

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