Begin Material Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Finished 

Here's what you'll need to build my tailbox:


         Coroplast 1(one) 4' by 8' sheet of 4mm thick Correx (trade name)/ Coroplast. This is standard sign-making material, available at sign shops in a variety of colors.  I chose yellow for visibility.

         Zip Ties About 100 8" plastic zip ties.  I got yellow to match my Coroplast. I have been told that the black ones are more UV-resistant.

         PVC pipe Roughly 36" of 1" diameter Schedule 40 pipe. This is used to create bracing for edge-to-edge corners.

         An old toe strap or two Used for latching the lid.


         6" tapered reamer to create the holes for the zip ties.  Get one with a sharp point on the end.

         Sharp Utility Knife for making the majority of the cuts.

         Sharp scissors for fine trimming.

         Fine-tooth saw to cut the PVC pipe.

         36" straight edge for layout and creasing the Coroplast. This can be wood or metal- I used 1/8" x 1" aluminum strip from Home Depot.

         Duct tape for temporarily clamping sheets in place

         Tape measure

         Sharpie permanent markers to lay out your cuts and to sign your work once it's finished.

         Bike stand or trainer to hold the bike upright and allow you to work on all sides of the bike.