Jeffrey L. Kenton

Experienced consultant, manager and software developer. Cofounder and Director of Operating Systems at Xyvision. Especially successful at building teams and motivating people, and delivering software products on time.
Software Development

Unix kernel internals, file systems and device drivers
  • Modified Unix file system (UFS) to allocate large contiguous blocks for Video-On-Demand movie storage. These changes doubled system output speed.
  • Modified ATM driver to run on multi-processor machine.
  • Wrote DLPI driver to allow Oracle to use shared memory (SCI) as a network connection.
  • Adapted Unix kernel to run on a custom multi-processor for a French startup.
  • Ported the Unix kernel (twice) to multi-processor Motorola 88000 systems. Rewrote all assembly language code, including exception handling, IEEE Floating Point conformance, and instruction tracing.
  • Wrote Unix Streams driver for IPI-3 protocol.
  • Wrote Streams driver to support Novell network code.
  • Modified Mach/Unix to allow programs on stand-alone processors to request Mach and Unix services.
  • Enhanced the Ultrix kernel for DEC (MIPS) workstations to allow running big-endian and little-endian processes simultaneously.
  • Built the DECnet Cterm protocol into the Unix kernel as an installable pseudo-terminal driver, permitting DECnet users to login and access all Unix facilities.
  • Wrote performance monitoring tools for Unix, using loadable system call to improve data capture speed by factor of 10.
  • Compilers and assemblers
  • Rewrote XSLT compiler to conform to XSLT / XPath 2.0 working draft. Responsible for XPath parsing and code generation. Chairman of the OASIS XSLT / XPath Conformance Technical Committee.
  • Designed a C-like language for data mining applications and implemented a compiler for it. This language made it easy for novice programmers to use the product, and greatly widened the pool of prospective customers.
  • Made major additions to database language compiler. Added many modern language features, and eased existing syntax restrictions. Completed the project ahead of schedule and doubled compilation speed in the process.
  • Cross-compiler code generation and math libraries for AT&T WE DSP1600 processor, using gcc.
  • Modified gdb for Motorola 88100 processor code.
  • Modified the Unix Portable C Compiler to produce a typesetting language.
  • Wrote a complete Fortran compiler and runtime system for a Z80 (in assembly language).
  • Realtime, multitasking Basic on a Z80.
  • Assembler for a bit-slice microprocessor (written in 24 hours).
  • Cross assemblers on DEC-10 systems for many of the early microprocessors.
  • Consulting
  • Evaluated product and business strategy of a Cambridge startup for an investment group.
  • Rebuilt and managed software team for a Rhode Island startup, and redesigned their existing prototype.
  • Technical consultant for patent infringement suits.
  • Conducted performance and feature comparisons of competing source code control products.
  • Article for EmbeddedSystems magazine (August 2005) on Software Development:  Doing Everything Wrong.
  • Article for XML Journal (March 2003): What's New in XSLT 2.0
  • Applications
  • eLearning package on Windows. Responsible for ActiveX component that recorded live presentations (images and audio) into Flash files, and a Flash file editor to allow customization of captured sessions.
  • Internal routing for ATM product.
  • B-tree file indexing package for stock market database.
  • tftp downloader for Motorola 68HC16 processor.
  • Educational games for major drug companies -- used at medical conventions, and as give-aways for doctors.
  • DCE Logfile viewer for Windows 95.
  • Communications terminal software for NYSE, AMEX and Philadelphia stock exchanges.
  • Statewide teller terminal network for a major Oregon bank.
  • Operating software for an intelligent graphics terminal.
  • Real-time radar data display.
  • Real-time ion chromatograph control, and analysis of corrosives in power plant cooling water.
  • Brake control and anti-skid system for subway trains.
  • CAD package for power station circuit breakers.
  • InterSystems -- Senior Architect Xyvision -- Cofounder / Director Compugraphics -- Manager Education

    For a complete resume, email: jeffrey.kenton@comcast.net

    Phone: (781) 894-4508