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 * G. W's Blog - Distracting The Defenders
 * Global Research - The Military Drills of September 11th
 * A/V Archive - Aviation Reality on 9-11
 * Discover Magazine - The 9/11 Toxic Dust Cover-Up
 * Alt.Pup's Homepage - Collection of Molten Metal Videos
 * Who is this PlaguePuppy and what's this about being an "MIT Engineer"?
 * "Confronting the Evidence" Pup's 9-11-2004 talk, video with annotations
 * The Strange Collapse of the Spire
 * "Collapse Update" - A collection of photo/video evidence
 * People Are Still Sick and Dying from 9/11- Rescue workers speak out
 * Some Observations from the Firefighters of Engine 7
 * The Strange Collapse of the Spire - Part 2
 * Falsification of pH Data for WTC Dust (pdf)
 * John McMurtry - Understanding 9-11 and the 9-11 Wars
 * The Lone Gunmen - Pilot Episode: Chronicle of a Death Foretold
 * Dust Trails - More puzzling evidence for the disintegration of metal during the collapse
 * Explosions in the North Tower lobby and basement reported at the time of first plane crash
 * Nails in the coffin of WTC-7: A rapid series of small charges at beginning of the collapse
 * Expert Opinion Revisited: Van Romero's first unguarded comments on the role of explosives
 * Physics of the WTC Collapse - Formerly at IndyMedia Ontario, published September 2002

Distracting The Defenders: Radar Injects, Ringing Phones and Fools Errands

"Everyone who has taken a fair look at the evidence has concluded that -- at the least -- the U.S. military was intentionally stood down on 9/11. There are numerous lines of evidence that certain high-level people within the U.S. military participated in the intentional stand down. But what of the many rank and file employees of the various defense departments who were good men and women devoted to protecting their country? Why didn't they stop the 9/11 attacks?" --- George Washington's Blog

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