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Welcome to Earth, BabyGoff!

My son, JUDE BRADFORD McINTIRE, slipped quietly into the world under a full moon which was still visible through the birthing room window at 8:19 am on Wednesday, 9 May, 2001 (my birthday!). He was 22 1/4 inches long and weighed in at a hefty 10lbs, 1/2 oz. His hair is medium brown, and his eyes are dark blue and seem to be staying that way. He is a true joy, and gives my life purpose. I am honoured he chose me to be his mother. The above photo was taken at Convergence 7, New York City, August 18, 2001.


After much fanfare and a whole lot of suggestions ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime, here at last is a list of Gothic Baby Names. Not all the names are particularly gothic in nature (for instance, you might name your daughter Murphy in honour of Peter, but Murphy Brown and a profusion of Irishmen and -women lend a very mainstream ring to the name), but all of them were suggested as favourites by net.goths and as such we will consider them gothic. I think the mainstream tone of some of the names can be quite nice--it gives the grandparents something to grasp onto.

"I get a little warm in my heart when I think of Winter"

One of the most popular suggestions is the name Winter, which makes me wonder about that time in the not-so-distant future when the current generation of net.goths sends our black-bunny-slippered kiddoes off to school. I imagine hearing something like this in many classrooms: "Not you, Winter S., I was speaking to Winter B." Winter B. might be male and Winter S. female, also, bringing a whole other dimension to the problem of too many Winters in the pre-school. Time will tell. . .

the names

NEW!! (august, 2000) Angel Names

SPECIAL! Spawn of net.goths

SPECIAL! Belladonna's Brother

The Gothiest Names of Them All

"Real" Vampires

Our Heroes

Our Heroines

Of Lillies and Remains

Diamond Smiles

Well-Read Gents

Well-Read Ladies

Hey, I'm the King of the World!

Empress, Queen, Princess

Her Name is Rio

On the Radio

French, Greek, and Hebrew names.

The Bible and other Myths

It's Written in the Stars

Other Favourites-- Female, Male, and Ambisexual


without you, i'm nothing

A quick shout-out to all the contributors, without whose help I'd be up the name creek with no paddle... You guys all suggested some great Gothy names. There are over 100 of you now, so I can no longer list you all here.

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