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    These are photos from an old album I inherited.  Some photos I've managed to identify over time, but most I have not.  I'm hoping other copies may be floating around in your heirlooms as well.  I have noted the photographer and city when it has been indicated.

reverse is blank, no photographer name Nellie, unknown, Lillie; no photographer name reverse is blank, no photographer name

Photographer  Koogle & King, 100 West Columbus St., Gallery on Ground Flr, Bellefontaine, O. Photographer A. A. Besaw , Bellefontaine, O. (Koogle's Old Stand.) reverse: handwritten- Katie; Photographer M. Koogle, Bellefontaine, O.

reverse is blank; Photographer Breuner, Bucyrus, O. reverse is faded and illegible; Photographer GE&EM Grose, North Side Public Square, Kenton, Ohio

Photographer I. N. Hays, Kenton, O.

reverse- "lisy dea" Photographer GW Collins, Urbana, O. Photographer GW Collins, Urbana, O.  This background matches my photo of Michael Harrigan.

reverse- "Miss ... Tiddlin" (difficult to read), Photographer ML Albright, Urbana, Ohio

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