Old Red gets Anschütz Trigger

 Old Red in Action

I decided to install an Anschütz Trigger on Old Red.  Old Red had Canjar Light Pull Trigger with a home made trigger shoe.  I wanted a straight trigger shoe and started by bending a nail that fit the trigger assembly.  I liked the rough marks and the nail head so polished up the old nail and blued it.  Creating a trigger shoe that would nail those silhouettes.

Nail for Trigger Shoe  

The area indoor smallbore league folded up do to some range closings which left me with an extra Anschütz 5018 two stage trigger.  So I ordered a Briley Anschütz Trigger Adapter for the Remington actions from Champion Shooters.  Followed the directions and installed the Anschütz trigger on the Remington Action.  Hardest part was taking a hack saw and cutting off the two ears on the Anschütz trigger.  That just did not feel right.  So here is the Anschütz trigger with the Briley Adapter installed on the Remington Action.  Trigger adjusted for one ounce first stage and three ounce second stage release.  Eye bolt and washers used as weights to set trigger.  Quarter inch eye bolt only used for setting the first stage and added washers for setting the second stage.  Eye bolt hung on end of trigger shoe using a small piece of thread not shown in the picture.

 Briley Adapter and Anschütz Trigger

Next came the fun part.  There are some things you only do once in a life time and for me making way for an Anschütz Trigger in an H&S Precision Silhouette Stock with the aluminum bedding block is just one of those things.  Here is the before and after pictures.

Note: I have been thinking about getting a McMillan Anschütz Silhouette Stock for my back up rifle. They come with an inlet for the standard Remington short action using the standard trigger and opening up the trigger well should be easier than doing this H&S Stock.  I have checked with McMillan and there stocks are hand laminated so almost all the strength is in the fiberglass or carbon fiber along the outer skin or surface of the stock.  So opening up the trigger well has been considered not to be any problem.  They will also make the Anschütz Silhouette Stock using all carbon fiber materials and techniques like their EDGE bench rest stock.  That should make the finished stock weigh in at around the 28 ounces complete with Pachmayr Presentation Pad.  That looks like the plan for Blue.

Before Picture:
If you look closely you may see the black lines outlining area in the trigger well which must be enlarged.  The forward part of the aluminum block was cut out by hand using a hack saw blade.  The rear portion lengthening was completed by hand using various files.  The sides were filed and cut with a Dremel Tool to widen.  All and all that kept me busy for a day or two.

 Before opening up the trigger well
After Picture:
I removed quite a bit of the aluminum in the area around the trigger housing.  I had to remove almost the complete front side of the rear action aluminum pillar.  I had to thin down both side walls of the aluminum action bedding block.  The aluminum center cross member in the action block between the magazine well and trigger opening was completing removed.

 After enlarging trigger well

I started to get a little concerned so I made and added a new lighter aluminum cross member in the rear of the magazine well.  I use a single shot follower held in place with some foam rubber.  I also touched up some of the 18 years of service paint chips on the stock.

 Added cross member

I had to file a small slot in the very front portion of the Remington ADL Trigger Guard which would allow the Anschütz trigger mechanism to rotate into.  Completed job looks good and trigger feels great.  Just like my Anschütz 54MSED.


All is done and ready for the 2003 Nationals in Ridgeway, PA.

Larry Medler

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October 24, 2003