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Hello- I am Larry Medler and the person behind Silhouette Ballistics.

Author - Shooting at Camo Grayling

My interest in shooting is somewhat of a carryover from my father.  My dad was an active hunter and competitive target shooter.  I never shot any as junior.  However I was exposed to the sport of shooting at a young age and allowed to shoot some at the range on practice nights.  My interest is silhouette shooting all stemmed from reading articles in the American Rifleman back in the 1970’s.  Back then the American Rifleman featured some articles about the new sport of silhouette shooting and had all the shooting matches listed in the center of the magazine.  Somehow we got talking about this silhouette shooting in deer camp in the late 70’s where I learn about another worker where I worked had just won the 1978 Michigan State Championship for high power rifle silhouette.  I looked him up at work and he got me started on the right foot and equipment.  He was my mentor until he took a transfer to California which was just after I beat him for the State Championship in 1982.  Since then I have been the High Power Rifle Silhouette State Champion four more times (1982, 1997, 2001, and 2003) for standard rifle and once for hunting rifle in 1987.  I have also been on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Rifle & Pistol Association, Captain of the Allen Park Gun Club Rifle Team, and have been running smallbore rifle silhouette matches at Washtenaw Sportsman’s Club since 1991.

In the late 80’s I got a home computer without very many programs.  I did have some computer training back in collage using FORTRAN and punch cards.  So the basic program feature in the American Rifleman in the earlier 80’s looked familiar enough to me to try.  After a couple of years playing around with the program to make it do the things I was looking for in competitive silhouette shooting, friends who I kept updated with programs convinced me to try and market my Silhouette Ballistic Program.  The program got a kick start in 1991 after being featured in Precision Shooting, and magazine for benchrest shooting.

So Silhouette Ballistics has been in the making for 17 years.  The program has gone from a tricky to use DOS program to a very user friendly Windows program.  The program has pretty much matured over the years and has not required any updating for the past few years do to programming bugs/errors.  The program works on all normal windows system from 3.1 and up.  I am still using version 3 of Visual Basic’s for the program. I have version 6 but have not taken the time to learn the differences.  Now that I am retired from General Motors, I may look into the newer developmental software.  The first version of Silhouette Ballistics was in 1991.  In 1992 was version 2 so my version numbering system also reflected the programs seniority in years.  So the next version after 9.0 should be 13.0.  Version 13.0 corrected one major error on my part in the air rifle silhouette table.  All silhouette shooting distances are in meters, except air rifle which is in yards.  I had the air rifle range tables in meters and finally after a few years an air rifle silhouette shooter emailed me about it.  So it was corrected and updated program to him.  The Open and Save File functions on Version 13.0 have been changed to appear more all the other windows programs.  Now I after a couple more years I am  up to version 15.0 which may also come on a CD.  The program will also run directly from the CD.  The core program remains the same.  In the past newer versions were made available at a low cost that covered materials and shipping.  Now I plan to maintain any updates free by email or same low cost for snail mail.  Part of the proceeds from Silhouette Ballistics is used for local range improvements.  Click here to see the New Table Silhouette Ballistics provided to the silhouette range in Grayling, Michigan. 

New Features on Silhouette Ballistics Version 17:  I added some suggested items.  I added rifle recoil energy and rifle recoil velocity calculations to the interior ballistic program.  I also added kinetic pulse to the exterior ballistic program.  The new Wind Clock is the most impressive new feature in the exterior program.  Make you own custom wind drift clock shaped charts.  All the programs now use the 32-bit format which requires a Pentium type computer and Windows 95 or higher.  All data files now have the long file name format.  Small Range Cards to tape to your scope or stock, may now be printed with any of your system fonts or sizes.  Tool Tip Text or little pop up messages added to some of the input labels for a quick reference of the required data or action.  Data input boxes are now color keyed.  Light yellow is required data and light blue is informational data.  All data inputs have new error proofing code.  I hope you enjoy Silhouette Ballistics and please feel free to forward any suggestions.  Suggestions and new ideas from all users are always welcome.  So far, I have incorporated all suggestions from competitors, hunters, bullet technicians, and even the FBI Academy.  Note: Silhouette Ballistics is always changing based on user’s suggestions and my shooting needs. 

New Features on Silhouette Ballistics Version 19:  I added an all metric option, Reticle Scope Marks (mil-dot) option, and adjustable left hand printing margin option.

Silhouette Ballistics is a shooter’s program and great for answering all kinds of shooting questions.  In fact some of the Technicians at Sierra Bullets use the program to answer customer questions on their 800 technical lines.  Silhouette Ballistics is not a large company or part of a large company.  Basically, it is hobby type business with one of the best interior and exterior ballistics programs out there.  Silhouette Ballistics should be around with updates for years to come as long as Microsoft allows older programs to be forward compatible.

New Features on Silhouette Ballistics Version 21:  I added Single Range Shooting Solutiuon Pop Up Screen that provides the user an easier to read data format for field use.

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