Palma Ballistics - Ballistic Tables for Palma Matches
Elevation and Wind Tables for Your Rifle and Ammuntion
Exact Sight Settings for 800, 900, and 1000 Yards
Silhouette Ballistics Version – 21.0

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Silhouette Ballistics
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Silhouette Ballistics is not just for the silhouette shooter but is a ballistic program for the competitive Palma shooter.  The unique program features designed for competitive silhouette shooting are also ideal for the 800, 900, and 1000 yard Palma Match.  Silhouette Ballistics creates exact and corrected sight settings for Iron Sights just like it does for silhouette scopes with target knobs.  Do not let the name fool you.  Silhouette Ballistics will create trajectory tables showing the exact iron sight settings for your rifle, sight radius, sight height, click value, and ammunition for any range.

National Match Trajectory Table MOA

The competitive trajectories tables designed for silhouette shooting are Palma shooters dream come true.  Have a one page Trajectory Table which has all your iron sight setting in clicks or Vernier Caliber numbers corrected for -20 to +120 °F at different barometric pressures at each of your competitive distances.  Get that first shot correct at matches without the two sight-in shots.  The competitive trajectory table is also a quick reference to see the affect of temperature and barometric pressure has at 800, 900 and 1000 yards.

1000 Yard Elevation Table

Then there are the windage tables and wind clocks.  Create your own wind tables based on your bullet and velocity at any angles you like.

Wind Clock

Personally, Silhouette Ballistics has really helped me build that extra confidence with my silhouette rifles and scope settings while shooting at different ranges and under different environmental conditions.  Silhouette Ballistics is the only ballistics program that calculates ballistic tables with sight settings that are adjusted from the rifle’s original zeroed settings and corrected for environmental changes (temperature, humidity, altitude) plus corrected for changes in muzzle velocity based on temperature also.  The best is the best, so get the best and most comprehensive ballistics program for match shooting situations.

Silhouette Ballistics software contains both an interior and exterior ballistic program.  Silhouette Ballistics provides the answers for any shooting situation or reloading question.  Use Silhouette Ballistics to give you the edge while hunting, a better understanding while reloading, and that extra confidence required for competition shooting.

Conventional Trajectory Table

Silhouette Ballistics is a very powerful home computer program for Competitive Shooters (Rifle & Pistol Silhouette or High Power National Match), Very Serious Hunters (long range prairie dog), or just anyone who wants a good computer program to take shooting that gives corrected sight settings.

Silhouette Ballistics Software is a very versatile ballistic program that may be used for all types of competitive shooting disciplines.  Silhouette Ballistics software calculates sight settings for Hunting, Tactical situations, National Match coarse of fire, High Power competitors, Varmint hunters,Palma Teams, Long Range competition, Fullbore shooters, as well as all types of Rifle and Pistol Silhouette shooting.

As shown below Silhouette Ballistics includes ten individual computer programs compiled for Windows.

Ten Programs of Silhouette Ballistics

Click here for compete description and review the Ten Programs included with Silhouette Ballistics.
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