Ballistic Tables for Long Range and Silhouette Shooting
Silhouette Ballistics Version – 21.0

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Version 21.0 Update
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Old DOS Version Users
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Version 21.0 Updates Click here to download the 21.01.12 Update
1/19/12 - Wind Drift data add to maximum range data using the Maximum Range Option.  The height of the gun may now be plus or minus to the bullet impact area.
1/1/2011 - Single Range Shooting Solution Pop Up Screen was added.  The new pop up screen is designed to provide the user an easier to read data format when using the a laptop or notebook computer in the field.   Pop Up Screen data includes Distance, Shooting Angle, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Target Speed, and Target Direction.

Version 19.0 Updates

6/26/2010 - Fixed Wind Clock Titles not correct under some sight setting conditions.  Minute of angle data correct but title indicates Scope Knob Numbers.  Also made Meters the default mode for rifle silhouette tables.

6/22/2010 - Calculating BC from Tables or Chronagraphs not working correctly.  Switching from yards to meters affecting results and not showing correctly.  Fixed

6/22/2010 - Change to Rifle Silhouette Tables for Meters and Yards affected the Competition and Analytical Tables.  Fixed

6/12/2010 - All of the inputted data on the top of the screen in the Interior Ballistic program was not printing on when maximum printed data was selected.  Fixed

4/10/2010 - Added option for Meters or Yards to the High Power and Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Tables.

8/21/2009 - Option to change left hand printing margins added to Gun, Bullet, Cartridge, and Powder Data Bases.

8/15/2009 - Changed "Open" so user may only see and open data files that will work in each of the different programs. 

6/26/2009 - Changed the muzzle velocity, horizontal wind speed, horizontal wind direction, and vertical wind speed to be normal bell curve distrubutions in the Bench Rest Simulation Table Option.

5/29/2009 - Added feature to use different speeds for wind clocks.

The main uprades for version 19 over version 17 are as follows:

An all metric option has been added to the exterior ballistic program.  When selected all inputs such as bullet velocity are change to meters per second, scope heights to centimeters, altitude above sea level to meters barometric pressure to millibars, and temperature to centigrade.  Calculated outputs for trajectory information are also metric. However, ranges cards and all trajectory tables may still be produced in feet, yards, or meters using ether the English or Metric option.

Reticle Scope Marks (Mil-Dots) option has been added to the sight setting options.  Using this option, elevation and windage adjustments in rrajectory tables are listed in terms of the reticle marks spacing's or mil-dot spacing's.

Bullet Impact Energy's displayed to one decimal if less then hundred and two decimal points if less than ten,

Adjustable left hand printing margin option added for printing tarjectory tables.  No more paper punch holes in data columns.

Allow negative numbers for scope height.  For use with laser sights mounted under the bore on rifles and pistol grips.

Free Updates for Older Versions

All previous owners of the Window versions of Silhouette Ballistics and earlier DOS versions of Silhouette Ballistics may receive the latest version of Silhouette Ballistics by using the link below.  Send me an email with your postal address and phone number.  Please mention something about how you found this web site and I will send you the link to download the latest full version of Silhouette Ballistics 19.01.09 or you may order a CD for $5.00.

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New Features on Silhouette Ballistics Version 17:  I added some suggested items.  I added rifle recoil energy and rifle recoil velocity calculations to the interior ballistic program.  I also added kinetic pulse to the exterior ballistic program.  The new Wind Clock is the most impressive new feature in the exterior program.  Make you own custom wind drift clock shaped charts.

Wind Clock

All the programs now use the 32-bit format which requires a Pentium type computer and Windows 95 or higher.  All data files now have the long file name format. Small Range Cards to tape to your scope or stock, may now be printed with any of your system fonts or sizes.  Tool Tip Text or little pop up messages added to some of the input labels for a quick reference of the required data or action.  Data input boxes are now color keyed.  Light yellow is required data and light blue is informational data.  All data inputs have new error proofing code.  I hope you enjoy Silhouette Ballistics and please feel free to forward any suggestions.  Suggestions and new ideas from all users are always welcome.  So far, I have incorporated all suggestions from competitors, hunters, bullet technicians, and even the FBI Academy.  Note: Silhouette Ballistics is always changing based on user’s suggestions and my shooting needs.  Use Courier New 12 pt. Font for printing tables. 

Silhouette Ballistics Users.
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Old DOS Version Users

Any previous owners of the earlier DOS versions of Silhouette Ballistics 1.0 to 6.0 just drop me an email with your postal address and phone number.  Please mention something about how you found this web site and I will send you the link to download the full version of Silhouette Ballistics 19.0 or order a CD for $5.00.

Version 17.0 Update
The upgrade to version 17.07.07 is not filled with lots of new features, it is more like repairing a couple of self infected wounds plus a few new features  If Silhouette Ballistics has ever crashed while running you should download the upgrade.  Just unzip the file and copy over current files.

Latest Updates:
Exterior 7/30/07, Interior 8/10/07. Rest 7/1/07.
To check your program compiled date, Click Help and then Click About Silhouette Ballistics.

Below is a listing of the changes:

I added Crossing Target Lead and MOA to Exterior Table.  The Crossing lead for any speed and any angle are now shown.  True lead in feet & inches or meters and MOA lead corrected for crossing angle.  If tables is in meters - speeds are in KM & leads in Meters.  If table is in Yards or feet - speeds are in MPH and leads in Inches.

When I shorted column heading in competition tables from Hold Over/Under... to Over Under, it caused the program to crash when second competition table was made.

Added three new tables to Trajectory Tables Drop Down Menu.
  Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Silhouette Table
  Pistol Cartridge Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette
  Smallbore Cowboy Rifle Silhouette Table

I added Camp Grayling Chicken Line to High Power Silhouette Rifle Trajectory Table.   195 Yards = 178 Meters. 

I changed the headings in the printed exterior ballistics tables to match the column headings on the screen table.  Main one was MOA From Zero.

I added the new Mid-Range and F-Class Targets

I changed code to allow negative Zero Firing Angle and Table Firing angles.  I also noticed that after changing firing angle and then changing an environmental item, table was not updating correctly.  I removed load okay true and false coding from firing angle menu code.  Later I found that this changed caused calculate ballistic coefficients from published tables or chronographed table data not to work correctly or crash the program.

Added 50 Yard Zero Row to Smallbore Silhouette Table.

When calculating BC from Tables or Chronographed Velocities you would get a run time error if no data was entered.  Make input to default to 1017 fps, 1255 fps, & 100 yards - 22 Rim fire Data.  I also added a pop up message box to Use, Re-Calculate, or Cancel calculating BC operation.

Found a slight error in the final point distance for point blank ranges.  I corrected by adding sight height to equations for final end point.

If Maximum input is less then minimum input, maximum changed to minimum value.  This stopped the hang-up.  Negative temperature now allowed when varying temperature for a Variable Parameter Trajectory Table.

Trajectory Table Row Distance which the cursor was not coming up as the default value for the Analytical & Variable Parameter Tables.  I added same line that was in the Competition Table to the Analytical and Variable Parameter Tables.

Fixed the CD Drive Error message when saving Gun A, B or C as normal gun file.

I increased maximum value of BC from 1.675 to 1.999 for input on C1 to C6.

Bench Rest Simulation Table - Added Extreme Spread to all nine columns of data.  Table was just showing Extreme Spread for Muzzle Velocity.

Varying Parameters Tables - After table is complete focus is on row one and column one.  If you reran table in pick up the zero distance and not previous table distance.  I changed focus to row two and column one.

I changed the Chicken distance in short range pistol silhouette trajectory tables from 25 yards or meters to 40 yards or meters. 

I corrected the code so Zero Barometric Pressure and Temperature would default back to original data when error data was encountered.  I also corrected so Boat Tail Length and Diameter would default back to original data when error data was encountered.

Program crashing - If powder charge data not numeric.

I changed the number of decimal points from two to four in MOA display.

Change the type of windage displayed in trajectory tables not working.  Windage_Knob form not added to exterior program.  Added Windage_Knob Form and added an Okay button to bottom of Windage_Knob Form.

Set Default value for Wind Clock to Minutes of Angle.  If not changed, the first wind clock had the moa numbers with five decimal points, not whole numbers.

I added Range Cards that included correction for crossing wind and crossing target.  Zeroing distance on range card rounded off to whole number.

In the BC by Shape option, the Jacket Hollow Cavity button was not calculating BC correctly.

Changes minimum values for Case Weight and Powder Charge.  Was too high for 22 Rimfire Cases.

Changed size of input forms so the Okay button has a gap between the bottom of the button and bottom of the form.  I switched Primer and Case locations on Interior Ballistic Screen.  I changed Primer label to Primer Type.

Clicking the Red X Close Form Button on input forms to close window would still create the tables.  I changed code so tables are created only when the okay button is clicked on input forms.

Added variable to indicate which type of graph is displayed and changed default to 2D line graph.  Also changed the bullet drop displayed on the table from positive to negative number.  Graphs look more like other ballistics programs.

Graph function on Holdovers okay, however, not okay if Clicks, MOA, or Scope Numbers selected for sight setting.  I corrected the graphed data and Titles when Clicks or MOA is selected.

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