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Jeff Warner is among the nation’s foremost performer/interpreters of traditional music. His songs from the lumber camps, fishing villages and mountain tops of America connect 21st century audiences with the everyday lives–and artistry–of 19th century Americans. “Providing more than just rich entertainment, Jeff will leave you with a deeper appreciation of the land you live in” (Caffé Lena, Saratoga, NY). His songs, rich in local history and a sense of place, bring us the latest news from the distant past.

Jeff’s Calendar of Events

Monday, Nov 17, 7:30 PM
M.I.T. Folklore Class
Cambridge, MA

Saturday, Dec 6, 6:30-8 PM
Christmas at Canterbury
Canterbury Shaker Village
Canterbury NH

Saturday, Dec 13, 10 AM-2 PM
Exeter Winter Farmer’s Market
Exeter, NH

Saturday, Dec 13, 5-6:30 PM
Candlelight Stroll
Strawbery Banke Museum
Portsmouth, NH

Wed, Dec 31, 8:00-11:15 PM
First Night Portsmouth
Portsmouth, NH

Jeff grew up listening to the songs and stories of his father Frank Warner and the traditional singers his parents met during their folksong collecting trips through rural America. He accompanied his parents on their later field trips and is the editor of his mother’s book, Traditional American Folk Songs: From the Anne and Frank Warner Collection. He is producer of the two-CD set, Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still, the Warners’ recordings of rural singers, many of them born in Victorian times. “The scion of one of the nation’s most eminent families of folksong collectors, he represents a tradition that is fundamentally unbroken since preindustrial times” (Stuart Frank, Senior Curator, New Bedford Whaling Museum).

Jeff has performed widely, from large festivals in the UK, to clubs, festivals and schools across America. He plays concertina, banjo, guitar and several “pocket” instruments, including bones and spoons. And “he inhabits a song in a way which few singers can do” (Royal Oak Folk Club, Lewes, UK).

A native of New York City, Jeff has lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire since the late 1990s. He is a speaker for the New Hampshire Humanities Council and an artist for the New Hampshire Council on the Arts, a former Arts Council Fellow, and a 2013 Performing Arts Honorable Mention.

Jeff Warner, Portsmouth, NH, June, 2005

He has toured nationally for the Smithsonian Institution, taught at Pinewoods, Ashokan, Augusta and Swannanoa summer music programs and recorded for Flying Fish/Rounder, WildGoose (UK) and other labels. His 1995 recording Two Little Boys received a Parents’ Choice Award.

Jeff is past president of the Country Dance and Song Society, a founding officer of the Folk Alliance International, a producer of the Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival and a graduate of Duke University.

Jeff Warner, Portsmouth, NH, June, 2005
“Jeff’s one of the most welcome of the fairly frequent visitors to these shores from the US, and his gigs are always eagerly awaited and supported by those in the know. Quite simply, he’s one of the most charismatic, enthusiastic and genuinely versatile performers on the whole scene, with a warm and approachable personality to match his encyclopaedic knowledge of traditional song.”
—David Kidman, Netrhythms (UK)
“The Saturday evening performance you did is one I’ll never forget. You’re a real treasure.”
—Craig Edwards, Sea Music Festival at Mystic Seaport
“Jeff’s performances are the epitome of what it is to be part of a great night of American folk and traditional music. On his last visit to Falkirk, he instantly connected with the audience and delivered a mesmerising show of the highest calibre.”
—Falkirk Folk Club, Falkirk, Scotland
“It was wonderful having you on staff this year. Many people spoke to Molly [Mason] and me and wrote in their evaluations about how much they appreciated your classes, your accessibility, your teaching skills...and the way you wove songs into the week with impeccable taste and timing. We agree with their assessment. Thanks for giving so much of yourself to the week.”
—Jay Ungar, Fiddle and Dance Camp, Ashokan, NY
“He is a talented musician on a variety of instruments, but that is completely overshone by his total love of, and involvement in, the songs he sings – he inhabits a song in a way which very few singers can do. One of the best evenings of the year.”
—Molly Mockford of Folk at the Royal Oak, Lewes, UK

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