Showalter Cemetery

    The following info was provided to me by two very special elderly ladies, Irene E. Witmer and Keller Sensenig. At an age in excess of 85 years I just pray that I have their memory and knowledge of history.

Jacob Showalter, Died March 25,1809, Aged  68y. 3m.

Died September 2,1830, Aged 80y. 6m. 7d.

daughter Lydia Showalter, Died July 28, 1815, Aged 18y. 6m. 2d.

son of Jacob, Henry Showalter, Died October 2, 1823

son Samuel Showalter, Died July 9, 1816, Aged 22y. 9m. 11d.

Widow Susanna Groff, Wife of John Groff, Widow of Henry Showalter, Died March 7, 1860, Aged 64y. 3m. 8d.

Mary Showalter, wife of Samuel S., daughter of Henry and Nancy Musser, Born July 2, 1821, Died July 29, 1848.

Jane Showalter wife of John, Born April 26, 1776, Died October 23, 1869.

John Showalter, Died August 31, 1792, Aged 49y. 11m.

Jane Showalter, wife of John Showalter, Died December 11, 1820, Aged 72y. 11m. 11d.

Jesse Showalter, son of John and Jane, Died June 19, 1862, Aged 57y. 2m. 16d.

Elizabeth Showalter, wife of Jesse, Born April 20, 1832, Died December 14, 1881.

Jacob and Barbara's daughter, Christina Schneder, wife of George Schneder, Born June 21, 1784, Died February 21, 1855.

Jacob's son, Jacob Showalter, Died October 29, 1829.

Anna, daughter of Samuel and Mary Showalter, Died October 28, 1845.

John Showalter, Died December 13, 1837, Aged 62y. 8m. 13d.

Elizabeth Showalter, Died March 18, 1813, Aged 33y. 9m. 5d.

Christian Showalter, Died November 23, 1776, Aged 21y. 9m. 14d.

Children of Curtis and Anna Showalter.

                                Elizabeth Showalter Aged 11 y., 1857

                                Curtis Riley Showalter Aged 11 weeks., 1879


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