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WJ-Golf Club

c/o Chuck Bassett

Tournament Director

1229 Ridgeline CT.

San Jose, CA 95127

(408) 926-4842


November 11, 2014


To:                   WJ-Golf Club Members and Friends


Subject:           Annual NCGA Membership Renewal



Membership fees for 2014 are due and will be delinquent after December 15, 2014.

The membership fees are broken down as follows:


Club Membership                    $30.00 

NCGA Membership                $36.00


Total Due                                $66.00 per member


All Club Members are encouraged to recruit new members for the 2015 year. Make copies of this and give to your friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers. The more members we have the better, as expenses can be spread out over more people and tournament prizes can be increased. Also, we need a minimum number of members, 20, to remain as an Associate Club. We are getting close to not having enough members, and if that happens, we will have to disband.


If you are joining the NCGA for the first time, or reinstating an expired membership, an additional initiation fee of $10.00 should be added to the above fees. If you are already an NCGA member with another club and wish to join our club as well, all that is needed is the regular $66.00 membership fee. Any member missing the deadline of December 15th for paying their fees will be required to pay the initiation fee of $10.00 to be reinstated. Anyone becoming a new club member between now and December will essentially get, December membership for free.


Please send your check for the fees to me at the above address, and make them payable to WJ-Golf Club. If you have any questions, want to change your address or anything else call me at  (408) 926-4842 - Home, (408) 406-5747 - Cell.

 E-mail: prhonchu@sbcglobal.net (home) .




Chuck Bassett, Tournament Director