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WJ is a small golf club that plays one tournament each month at local golf courses.  The tournaments are always held on Saturday and the format is always low net with cash or gift certificate prizes for each flight with the amount dependent on how many players sign up.  We usually have two flights, and a sleeve of golf balls for "closest to the pin" is awarded for one hole on each nine for each flight.  

The club is focused on having a good time, but can be very competitive if you are interested.  

We all try for the Club Championship which is awarded to the person who has accumulated the most points for the year.  Points are awarded on for the basis of how well you place in each tournament, so the more you play the more chances you have to accumulate points.  The top few places share a percentage of a "pot" that is the result of how many players play in each tournament.  

Every year we have a double elimination "Match Play" tournament.  There are no prizes, but you get you name on a large traveling trophy that you get to keep for the year you win.

One of our key events is the WJ Masters tournament.  It is held every year in June and consists of a 36 hole tournament followed by a banquet.   We play a different course every year and the 2015 tournament will be at San Jose Muni.  After the first 18 holes the groups are rearranged so that the leaders are all playing against each other (just like the pros).  The main prize is a "Masters" sport coat with a custom patch signifying the year you won, and the winner's name on a traveling trophy.  Other prizes include whatever the course includes as gift certificates and we also have a "buy in" pot that is optional and is split up among the leader for the first 18 holes, the overall winner and the person who comes in second.  You are only eligible for the "buy in" winnings if you contributed to the pot.

The WJ golf club has been around for over 30 years now and was formally sponsored by Watkins-Johnson Company.  When the Palo Alto Watkins-Johnson Company went out of business, the WJ golf club continued on and removed it references to the Watkins-Johnson Company. 

For more information about the club please contact me by email jherick@comcast.net or phone 510 610-1877.