Crazy subwoofers built with NHT drivers from this site

System #1

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All of the subwoofers built on this page, we're done with drivers available from it. I've only posted photos and information on some of the really crazy stuff people have done with them. I figured that there are enough pictures of 10" woofers in 40l cabinets all over the internet. I don't think many people will find that very interesting.

This sub was built by a friend of mine, Nathan. He did the entire job, including cutting the holes in the wall and patching them in 3 days! That is motivation. One time when I was over at Nathan's house, I pointed out to him that the far right side of his three car garage had about two feet of wasted space. Coincidently, the wall with the wasted space happened to be opposite the entertainment center in his living room. Why not build a subwoofer that sits in the garage and vent it into the living room? His wife couldn't complain since it didn't take up any space in the garage. I came up with a rough idea how to build it and drew up the cabinet in SolidWorks. Once Nathan saw it, he said "Are you nuts? That think is huge!". I pointed out that since he wasn't using the space, there was no reason not to make it huge. After all, there is no substitute for cubic inches, except for lots of turbo boost!

There are two cabinets. Each cabinet has four 10" woofers and four 4" diameter ports in it. The enclosure volume for each woofer is 80l. The port tuning is 16Hz. The system is designed to need a HP filter tuned to 18Hz with a Q of 1.7. The end result is an f3 of about 17Hz with enough displacement capability to actually be useful there.

There are two large holes cut in the walls to let the bass energy get into the living room. Both vents are placed behind the entertainment center. Once finished, there will be grilles over the vents to completely hide them.