It has long been felt that people living in extreme rural or isolated areas are more open to the acceptance of paranormal activity than those living in the city. Strange occurrences are often foretold by country folk, some say that the simple, more relaxed lifestyle of country folks tends to make them more sensitive to spiritual entities and The things that go bump in the night.

As young women growing up in the hills of West Virginia both of my grandmothersexperienced many such phenomenon. As a youngster I heard many such stories from both sides of our family. These are but a few of the....

"Stories my Grandma Told Me"

Grandma says your visitor

Since most of these stories involve relatives of mine many of the names and places have been altered to avoid
possible conflicts with our grandma's recollections of these events........

A Couple Very Eerie World Trade Center Photo's

The Stories..........

Knight in Shining Armor

Beyond the Cabin Door

Our Mothers Passing

The Wayward Spirit

The Bleeding Floor

The Dumb Supper

The Ghost Fight

The Token

The Vision

The Rider

The Balloon

The Bad Omen

The NightMare

Grandpa's Visit

Grandpa's Promise

Another Nightmare

Flowers From Heaven

One More Nightmare

Footsteps in the Dark

The Old Woman in Black

Encounter on a Country Road

The House on Tuppers Creek Road

A Strange Occurrence in West Virginia


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Of the Unknown

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