Johann Hinrich Butt, 1774-1860

My great great great grandfather, Johann Hinrich Butt [pronounced like "boot"], had a remarkable life. What I know about it is recorded in his obituary in the Kirchebuch [Church Book] of the parish of Wersabe on the east bank of the river Weser, in what is now Lower Saxony, Germany, between Bremen and Bremerhaven. In his day, it was part of the Kingdom of Hannover. I have paged through this Kirchebuch, which records births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and deaths. The typical death record is about four or five handwritten lines, giving date and place of birth and death, age at death, survivors, and whether there was a sermon or prayer at the burial. However, the pastor was moved to include a more complete and interesting record of Butt's life.

I am indebted to Butt's great great granddaughter, Alwine Sophie (Horning) Doyle, for translating this from German to English.


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