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Nothing is as simple as we hope it will be
Virtual Bumper Stickers
The way it was
Computer Professionals for April Foolishness

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The American Fuchsia Society

Fuchsia Fantasy

A Fuchsia Abcedarian


The West Highland White Terrier Club of America

Westie Foundation of America

The Hornings' Westies

My take on

the David Josephssen Case. See also my blog post.
the Aceville elections.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility


RISKS DIGEST (comp.risks) sponsored by ACM's Committee on Computers and Public Policy

My wife's book, The Mystery Lovers' Book of Quotations


is available from Amazon or ABE.

MIT's Larch Home Page


The Charlies: The Charles Darwin Awards for Voluntary Improvement of the Human Gene Pool

Paul Rosen, Yacht Broker

Susan Owicki, Marriage and Family Therapist

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