Daytime's Most Enduring Supercouple
Played by Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn


This page has quotes about and by Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn (John and Marlena)....

"She is remarkable... so often there is little in the script and then you watch her and you go, 'wow.'" - Drake Hogestyn, Daytime TV Fall '95

"I'm a big Deidre Hall fan; I always thought she was a beautiful woman." - Robert Horry, L.A. Lakers, Days Fan Guide Spring '03

"Fans watch for a lot of reasons...they watch for the look...When Drake looks into Deidre's eyes, when Charles looks into Patsy's eyes, and when Peter looks into Kristian's eyes, the audience feels the love between the characters they play, and that is the building block of a supercouple." - Sheri Anderson, Daytime TV '86

"It is great. He gets to hold her and kiss her and tell her how much he misses her and how much he needs her. He tells her that she doesn't know what he's gone through. She says, 'Oh, I do know; that's why I'm here. I know what you've got in your pocket there.... Fortunately, you haven't used the stuff yet and you don't need to because you are strong. The kids have already lost their mother and they need you...' At this point, John says, 'Wait a minute, you said the kids have kids have lost their mother.... You're here, I'm holding you right now. It couldn't be any more real than this, and don't you tell me this is a dream 'cause I don't want to have to wake up again and find out that you really are dead and I lost you all over again.' With that, she fades away. It's pretty powerful; it kind of reminds me of some of the old stuff we did." - Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Digest, Feb. 15, 2005

Hogestyn was thrilled to be re-paired with Deidre Hall. "It was a really good place to be. It was so easy to fall back into the rhythm of working with her. We play well together. I don't care how you cut it, we've been down the road so many times and we've worked together so often and you can really let your guard down. That's comforting to know." - Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Digest, Feb. 15, 2005

"The scenes were electric. They were comfortable. They were memorable, because we have done these scenes before but it seemed all fresh and new. I felt great things happening. It's a good pairing. I'm beginning to appreciate it more as they've been apart--what those characters after everything they've been through mean to each other. There's a lot of depth. Things were happening that you don't see on the written page. When it's developing in front of you, you just let it go. It's not like the actors are making any choices. It's an interesting gift, when it's presented to the two of you, that only the two of you can make happen. It was a fulfilling days work." - Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly, Feb. 22, 2005

"I don't believe they [fans] were disappointed. Those scenes recemented the love between John and Marlena. They showed how in John's deepest despair, Marlena is the one force that can save him. Were there enough of them? No. Will there be more of them? Absolutely. It's going to be a fantastic love story--yet again. Marlena saved John before, 19 years ago. She saved him in Aremid. Hopefully she will save him again." - Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly, Feb. 22, 2005

"I'm touched by their [John and Marlena fans] devotion to the show. I've always said, 'We ask the fans to enjoy a chapter in our book, an hour a day, and, hopefully, forget about the stresses in their own life.' John and Marlena are one of the couples they tune in to see. I'm appreciative of that." - Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly, Feb. 22, 2005

"I feel their [John and Marlena fans] frustration -- and I share it. When we did those scenes and saw the magic that was happening.... I understnad on a different level how the audience would like to see more of that, why they want to see the couple together, and why they're missing that." - Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly, Feb. 22, 2005 about viewer's disappointment over John and Marlena's long separation.

"We don't go out there and say, 'We're going to try and make this moment to give the fans what they want out of this.' But things happen. I'm sure subconsciously you are gearing. You know the fans want to see if there's a moment that's going to happen, and we instinctively know where those points of view are. We can hit those points and give the audience the relief that they're looking for." - Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly, Feb. 22, 2005

"When you bring in Drake to play Roman, the audience loves him so, and they love us so together, they will suspend disbelief to say, 'Oh, let's make him Roman. We don't care if he's taller, shorter, darker, thinner, fatter, whatever he is, we'll just make him Roman.' " - Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Digest Dec. 14, 2004

"John wants to be with Marlena, he's got her back. You know what he wants to do first in this so called penthouse. It's been a while!" - Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Digest Sept. 14, 2004

"Marlena's the love of John's life. She pulled John through the world of the unknown [when he didn't know exactly who he was]. Everything real in John's life began with Marlena. When she 'died', a part of him did, too, right along with her." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Previews Dec.6, 2004

"John was suppose to stand there with his mouth agape , but I decided to go, 'Oh, my god, Doc!', and make a lunge for her... John was getting ready to jump into the force field, which Bo just did and it blew him 20 feet back. So here John is standing there with this impenetrable barrier between him and Marlena, and all he wants to do is feel her in his arms.... It's a full-on bull charge right into her arms.... John embraces Marlena like he will never let her go." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly 9.10.2004

"John is trying to tear Marlena's clothes off as fast as he can," [chuckles Hogestyn. Oops, Roman shows up with Victor] What the hell's up with that?" [asks Hogestyn].... "They're in the shower and John is feeling like this is heaven. All of a sudden Marlena blurts that she almost made love to Roman -- and John drops the soap." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly, 9.10.2004

"Kristen will have to be the material witness, and if she happens to pull away, that would leave [John with] the one person who had always been there [for him]: Marlena!" -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Update 10.17.1995

"I rely on the writers and finding whatever fun is in it. No, it's never stale for me. The things that scare me are medical dialogue or having to testify as an expert witness, but the everyday stuff, playing with my kids, playing with Drake. He's my heart." -- Deidre Hall, Backstage at the 2004 Emmy Awards, Soapnet Online

"The chemistry is fabulous but we also have a mutual understanding of what the audience wants to see. He[Drake] will just kiss me real slow, and I'm thinking, you've got 'em baby." -- Deidre Hall,  Backstage at the 2004 Emmy Awards, Soapnet Online

"I get to live America's fantasy. I get to make love to a man whom every woman in the world wants to take home. It's a fantasy relationship that I know America just covets." -- Deidre Hall, Backstage at the 2004 Emmy Awards, Soapnet, about her job getting to kiss Drake.

"When he [Drake] carried me through the streets I thought, gee I'm not exactly Kristian Alfonso. I'm a heavy little girl. He's strong but I thought this is going to be a fast walk through the streets of Salem.... But he picked me up and I was dead weight in his arms, because I was suppose to be dead. And he carried me so slowly through the streets and I had my eyes closed and was just loving him... When you have children and you're first carrying them and you forget when there's a doorjam there or something. I thought, during this walk through Salem I'm going to get my head banged because Drake hasn't held a baby for years. But it was fine." -- Deidre Hall, Backstage at the 2004 Emmy Awards, Soapnet, about the Marlena death scenes

"During most of her coma scenes, they used a body double, but it wasn't the same working without her. I really had trouble getting emotional during those bedside vigils. Finally, one day I found the perfect solution. I came in and taped an 8 X 10 photo of Deidre to the forehead of the girl who was playing her double. The girl wasn't too thrilled about it, but it really helped my psyche." -- Drake Hogestyn, DaytimeTV Magazine '87

"His tack at this time is, 'We're gonna figure this out. There's something going on, something we don't know, but time is running out.' John will protect her to the end. He will die for her. He will prove that she is innocent. Okay, she did the murders, he admits that. But he believes there is an explanation and he just needs time to find it. Because she can't [commit murder]. It's not her and he believes that." -- Drake Hogestyn on John dealing with Marlena as the serial killer, SOD May 11, 2004

"There's another part that comes into play --- a selfishness on John's side... What's gonna happen to him if he loses her? He is realizing now that she has been his anchor. She's always believed in him, she's always pulled him back to the center when he started to go off a little bit and she saved him years ago. So, what happens if she is out of his life? That fear has him clinging to her even more right now." --- Drake Hogestyn on John dealing with Marlena as the serial killer, SOD May 11, 2004

"Nothing about her love for John has ever changed. She is outspoken about it and reassuring in every moment that that's who she is, that's how she feels and that's the man she wants." - Deidre Hall on Marlena's feelings for John, SOD May 11, 2004

"Drake probably is the most consummate professional I've ever worked with," she enthuses. "He takes every scene every day, prepares, absorbs it, really considers it - makes artistic choices, makes dramatic choices." - Deidre Hall, Midwest Today, October 1994

"I'm crazy about him! He's very bright, with a background in dentistry studies before baseball and acting. We asked him about a concussion once and he had chapter and verse. He just knows about many, many things. And he's funny. I love what a great father he is. Of course, he's been taught by a great mother, his wife, Victoria, who is extraordinary." --- Deidre Hall about Drake Hogestyn, Days of Our Lives, The Complete Family Album

"It was incredibly hard. It was necessary for us to both break down to a point where we were both emotionally out of control. We tried it again and again and again. Drake [Hogesytn] and I don't hold back much. We work with dials on 10 whether fighting, screaming, kissing, etc. Finally, after about eight takes, Tom came out of the booth and said to me, 'I'm sick and tired of you playing safe. I'm sick of it!' He verbally beat me up a bit. 'I know you love Drake. I know you love Wayne. If anything happened to either one you would die a million times. This is goodbye, babe. I want to see some guts! Don't give me this safe stuff. I'm sick of it!' I was so angry and so confused. I always give everything. Well, I trust him so much I played out of me. Afterward, I cried so hard I just couldn't stop that convulsive, choking kind of cry after Drake had just grabbed me, threw me on the bed, pulled off my coat...really pushing an actress beyond what anyone would dare do to me. I thought the audience would die seeing her do this. But it worked." --- Deidre Hall about filming the plane scenes in 1993, Days of Our Lives, The Complete Family Album

"The predominant through-line for every storyline that [Drake and I] have ever played over the past 16 years has been that these two characters love each other beyond description. They will always hold each other sacred in their hearts and in their trust." -- Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Preview May 3, 2004

"It sounds like we're heading to a place where John and Marlena will survive and be stronger for it. It will most likely turn out to be, in my imagination, another fabulous love story for them. We're looking forward to it." -- Deidre Hall, same article SOP, May 3, 2004

"We play it more and more now [John and Marlena love story]. We have a scene where she tells him she just wants to die because she can't control this and it's too much pain for everyone around her. He [John] talks to her about how he feels about her not being with him. It's so replenishing.... As she gets more desperate and frightened he becomes her salvation. As she falls apart, he's right there. It's every child's fantasy of a father and every woman's fantasy of a husband where he is a knight in shining armor. And Drake [Hogestyn, John] is magnificent at it. It's clean and it's pure and it's right there in front of you." -- Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Digest April 27, 2004

"Taping that goodbye with Drake, whom I love and adore, was so difficult. We both had trouble doing it. We practiced it in the morning. Later, we tried to block the moves for the scene, but
we both began to weep. So, we asked not to dress rehearse it. Then, Drake and I went off to say our own private goodbyes. We talked about the scene we knew we had to tape later that day. We knew we'd find a way to get through it, and we did. After it was over, Drake told me, 'I thought I'd be able to get through it without any problem at all. But when I kissed you at the end and felt your lip quivering, I knew I was a goner.'" -- Deidre Hall, Daytime Magazine, September '87

"I wish him well. I really do. Drake is a warm and wonderful man. I truly adored working with him.  He deserves the best - wonderful new storyline, a brand new leading lady, and some love scenes. We're all at our best when we're in love, and soap operas are no exception. So, for Roman I wish a wonderful, sexy, vibrant, funny woman...but then she was just killed off, wasn't she?" -- Deidre Hall, Daytime Magazine, September '87

It's like, I'll always love her." -- Drake Hogestyn, about Marlena in the serial killer story, New York, March 22, 2004

[Hogestyn believes that, ultimately, this is] "...a love story. John loves Marlena, and love is blind. He is looking for anything that will shine a light away from her guilt." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly, March 30, 2004

"I was talking to Dee this morning. We were trying to come up with scenerios that will exonerate Marlena.. [relates Hogestyn, admitting that Hall] " apprehensive also. But I'm taking encouragement from her. She's about to remodel her dressing room. This storyline is supposed to go on through December and Dee's contract is up in August. She's taking that as a positive sign." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly, March 30, 2004

"You protect the woman you love. If it turns out that she is the killer, there has to be a reason. There has to be something behind it." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Digest, March 23, 2004, on how John would feel if Marlena is the serial killer

"Without being quite clear what the beats are of this story, Drake and I continue to play John and Marlena loving each other because they told us it's a love story, so we're playing a love story." -- Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Digest, March 23, 2004 on the Salem Stalker story

"He knows her so well and she's covering pretty well. Sometimes he doesn't seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, and other times, you don't mess around with him. But it would take irrefutable proof for him to believe she is guilty. I don't know if it would take actually watching her slay someone for him to believe it---seeing is believing---but then again, Stefano's mantra was 'nothing you see is real'." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Digest, March 23, 2004, on John believing if Marlena is the killer

"They taped the show [at home] today, but Victoria called and said for some reason it didn't [record]. The first thing I did was flip through the rolodex in my mind. What else was shot that day? I'm pretty safe. I wouldn't want her to see how well we do what we do." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly, September '02

"My husband has the opposite reaction to watching us on camera, but he's in the business. When Steve [Sohmer] was [executive vice president of NBC] he would call my dressing room and say, "Hey! What are you doing over there with that guy?" He would watch me rehearsing on the monitors all day. He'd say, "You know what? Show as much skin as you can." There's nothing more difficult to do than a bed scene." -- Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Weekly, September '02

"Corday and Hogestyn stress that like the possession tale, this, too, is a love story." -- Soap Opera Digest 3.16.04

"John loves this woman desperately and if anyone were to accuse her, even if he saw some evidence pointing in her direction, he would say, 'This is impossible. You just couldn't even fabricate a story like that.' It is so far beyond his consciousness, even though the evidence is stacking up and people have thrown it in his face."  -----  "I play it that love is blind." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Digest 3.16.04

"Yeah. And I love working with Drake [Hogestyn, John]. We're such a team. The thought that Marlena could ever hurt Ali [Sweeney, Sami], or Drake or Kirsten [Storms, Belle] is anathema to me." -- Deidre Hall about the serial killer story, SOW 2/17/04

"Essentially, it hasn't changed a bit. If you look back at your screen test, you'll see the same sort of power and dynamic and charisma. It's what the producers saw when you walked in the door. It's what the audience still sees. Our chemistry is reliable and substantial. Our respect is mutual and healthy, and we're deeply fond of each other. That is as good as it gets." -- Deidre Hall, answering Drake Hogestyn's question: "How have things changed since we started working together? Is it easier? Harder? Can you tell a difference?" SOD Online 2/04

"You have always been the best champion of the two of us. It's always been easy working with you. When I came onto the show, I would watch you. You were doing scenes with Mac (the late MacDonald Carey - Tom Horton) and Frances Reid (Alice) a lot back then. I'd sit in the wings, watch and learn. I learned to trust by watching you, and I learned that you were going to be there to take care of me when I was working. You see when my eyes start to glaze over [in a scene] and you will come in on my line. This happened early on, and you're still doing it to this day." -- Drake Hogestyn, replying to Deidre's comments [above]. SOD Online 2/04

"I'm always a sucker for the Possession story. It was a real twist on the hero/heroine story. It was really different. He was going to save her, even though it was, in his eyes, forbidden fruit, but the love just burned through all that." -- Drake Hogestyn, SOD Jan. 27, 2004

"There are more umbrella stories and different storylines, but the power for John and Marlena still remains the same. The attraction John and Marlena feel for each other, intellectually and sexually, it's the whole package and I think the audience sees that." -- Drake Hogestyn, SOD Jan. 27, 2004

"I've invested a lot of time in Roman, and that is after the fact that there was a previous Roman playing it for three years. Let's just say I laid in bed many mornings talking it over with Victoria about what would behoove me to change characters in the middle of this run. But you know [ultimately] it wasn't my choice. I guess I had an emotional attachment to the character of Roman and it was becoming very difficult to let it go when it got down to it." -- Drake Hogestyn, SOD 12/10/91

From the same SOD article, upon hearing Wayne Northrup signed for a short-term stint...

"That's the end of Roman Brady. It wasn't so much about what would happen to Drake Hogestyn, it was... I started realizing I have a lot of emotional investment in this character and I thought, 'There goes the relationship with Mom and Pop, Bo and Kim, and there go the kids.' I saw a lot of years of storytelling kind of go down the drain and how were they going to explain all of that?" -- Drake Hogestyn, SOD 12/10/91

"I love John and Marlena, too. I love their constancy, and their unwaverying faith and devotion to each other is an anchor for the show and an anchor for people". -- Deidre Hall, SOD 12/16/03

"Marlena will always be loved and held in high esteem by John.  They've been through so much together - and she is the mother of his daughter, Belle."

And from the same article...

"Marlena is the beginning of his life as he knows it - the first pleasant emotion he remembers on his own.  John had to back away when Roman returned...but their love remained." -Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Magazine 1996, on John's feelings for Marlena.

"I hear it all the time. I really understand it. I love John and Marlena, too. I love their constancy, and their unwavering faith and devotion to each other is an anchor for the show and an anchor for people." -- Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Digest 12/16/03

"John and Marlena are very sure in their love for each other. I know that John loves her and would never hurt her." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Digest 12/16/03

"Having affairs and keeping secrets seems to be rampant in America these days. It must be the heaviest secret to keep. The most weighing. Marlena will always be John's first love. She is the first woman that John remembers, and there will always be a special bond there. But he would hate to see her family ruined. Family means everything to John." -- Drake Hogestyn, about "The Affair" in Soap Opera Update 1/24/94

"If the roles were reversed, I would kill Roman. So therefore, he will probably kill John." -- Drake Hogestyn, on "The Affair" in Soap Opera Update 1/24/94

"The John-Roman-Marlena triangle on Days of Our Lives---is also dumb in concept yet deliriously romantic in execution. In a nutshell: Guilt-ridden Marlena (Deidre Hall, the kind of cool blond goddess Hitchcock would have loved) is torn between her soul-mate lover, John (Drake Hogestyn), and her ex-husband, Roman (Josh Taylor), who is back from the dead and sticking to her like gum on a shoe. Hall's quiet, old-fashioned, tear-stained performance makes this story shine."
-- Michael Logan, TV Guide February 14, 1998

"John's motivation is to protect Marlena, of course --- but Belle, too. He feels lost and guilty because he didn't do a very good job of protecting Marlena. Stefano stole her away and has been holding her captive." -- Drake Hogestyn, on the Paris storyline, Soap Opera Magazine July 30, 1996

"In a heartbeat! She'd slit his throat in a church. She hates him that much." -- Deidre Hall on Marlena's feelings for Stefano, Soap Opera Magazine July 30, 1996

"We've seen the romance blossoming between them. There was a hint of the romance when John was in jail and again in the gas chamber. John's last thoughts were of Marlena... and the fact that Marlena sacrificed her very life and virtue to save John. We've seen that these two people really mean a lot to one another."

From the same article:

"Passions have been awoken between the two of them. We have seen their inner-thoughts as they have remembered their love and the bond between them. We have seen it growing, but they haven't even admitted it to themselves, let alone each other. And if they do, what will this do to Kristen and everyone else back in Salem?" -- James E. Reilly about John and Marlena in Aremid, Soap Opera Update, March 19, 1996

"This is still the story of John and Marlena. John is fighting for the woman he loves and the mother of his child." -- James E. Reilly about the Possession storyline, Soap Opera Update, May 30, 1995

"There's a very profound, deep love between them. They had a deep, caring relationship that was based not just on trust, but love and like. They like each other. That's a real strong motivating force in a relationship." -- Deidre Hall on why her character Marlena would go to Maison Blanche to help John when her "top priority is reconciling with Roman", Soap Opera Update, May 17, 1994

"The chemistry between Deidre Hall and Drake [Hogestyn] is magnetic." Soap Opera Digest, November 4, 1986

"We have something special. We play off each other really well and it comes across. It's kind of amazing." -- Drake Hogestyn, about Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Digest, June 17, 2003

"It's great fun. We're doing scenes we know the audience wants to see. It's easier to be more flirtatious, more provacative, more daring and more playful. It holds the viewers attention and helps them accept the wait. It whets their appetite and gives them part of what they want--but never quite all of it." -- Deidre Hall on working with Drake Hogestyn, "Star of The Week" Soap Opera Weekly '96

"These people are goddesses. They're looking better than their equivalents in the movies." -- Michael Logan about Deidre and Drake in Soap Opera Weekly

"Power attracts, it's a great aphrodisiac. Ever since Stefano first came to Salem 9 years ago, he's always had this love/hate relationship with the Bradys. In a sense, he's always had an eye for Marlena; the tension was always there. Stefano respects her intelligence; she's a lovely woman. He could never understand what she was doing with these cops, anyway." -- Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera), Soap Opera Digest '94

"Marlena came home from work one day and I said, 'I remember something.' Then I pulled out the strawberries and whipped cream, [he recalls]. She said, 'Okay, now we have to get married.'" -- Drake Hogestyn describing Marlena and Roman renewing their wedding vows in Soap Opera Digest, 11.8.94

"There's always going to be a very strong audience for them. I don't think that story will ever really die. As far as John Black is concerned, Marlena is the first person in his life. She will always be the one great love. There may be an opening for him down the line, but until then, whenever [John and Marlena have scenes together], there's always something happening." - Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Digest 1/18/94

"Christopher Walken (Drake proceeds to do his Christopher Walken impression). That guy is so freakily good, it's amazing. Obviously, my favorite actress is Deidre Hall -- who else is there?!" -- Drake Hogestyn on who his favorite actors are, on Soapcity, Oct. 2003

Who is the love of Johns life and why? Marlena. When John was going through his identity situation, she was the one who was there. Shes the one who pulled him through the hole in the wall and stayed with him. She tried to make him believe what he didnt believe. She helped him search. The love grew out of that trust. John never knew whom to trust, but he always knew he could trust her. -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera News, 11/11/97

"Yes, it is a terrible thing to cheat on one's spouse. But when John and Marlena made love in the Titan conference room, most viewers clamored for more and cursed the day Sami got an eyeful." -- Soap Opera Update '94

"He [John] is to-die-for friends with Marlena. He feels that he has ruined her life... and that will never be repaired. But she will always be a very strong fixture in his life. Even if the shooting happens in a theater [full] of witnesses, the one person that will always trust his word is Marlena." -- Drake Hogestyn, about the Aremid story, SOU November 28, 1995

Theres an enormous sense of security between us on stage. Were each others safety net. Thats the same way as it was before. Our reunion scene was riveting. As soon as I fell into his arms, it was as if Id never gone away. -- Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Weekly, 1991

"Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, no matter what the storyline or scene, share an electricity and passion on-screen that is matched by few in the medium."  -- Soap Opera Update, Editor's Notes, July 26, 1994

"Marlena is John's beginning, middle and ending. When he was the Pawn and then thought that he was Roman and then thought he was John, she stood by him. She was the one woman who would never deceive him."  -- Drake Hogestyn, Soaps In Depth '98

"It was an attention-getter, but it was always a love story." -- James Reilly, 1996 About his Marlena Possession Storyline

"John and Marlena have always been the people that found each other and saved each other and chose each other. It's a pretty good bet that we're comfortable and safely honest to come home to." -- Deidre Hall, joint interview with Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera News, Sept. 1, 1998

"On the plane home, I read a letter from Marlena. It was the first emotional scene I had on the show. It was a great breakthrough for Drake Hogestyn, the actor." -- Drake Hogestyn on Marlena's death, Soap Opera Digest, Nov. 11, 1994

"Marlena is kidnapped as often as she changes hairdos and John is almost always on the brink of death, but their romance could steam chrome off a trailer hitch." - TV Guide, February 8, 1997

"John and Marlena share a very special love. [What they had] was real, even if I *wasn't* Roman." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Digest, June, 1994

"...That was one of the [retirement] dreams I had -- sitting there with a beard, chewing tobacco, whittling on a chair, [and saying] "I remember when I used to work with Deidre Hall". My grandkids would be hovering around my feet and the fish would be jumping in the lake. Never going to happen (laughs)." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly in joint interview with Deidre Hall, February 2002

"It's fascinating that many Days Of Our Lives viewers have chosen to ignore the fact that Marlena is a cheating wife and John is an unloyal buddy... Apparently the Days audience would rather Marlena forget about her wedding vows to Roman, would rather have Kristen stay in her marriage of convenience to Tony, and long for the day when Marlena and John will once again be reunited in wedded bliss." -- Soap Opera Update, 1994

"It's one of my favorites, as well. The energy was high, the foggy pier setting made for perfect atmosphere, and the dialogue was minimal. We didn't need to rehearse, because emotions were at the surface already. It was just a matter of keeping a lid on them until tape. We knew we had one swing on it, and we hit a home run." -- Drake Hogestyn about the Pier Scene '91 with Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Weekly 9-2-03

"John and Marlena win our vote for the Best Couple of the Year because, quite simply, they prove that no matter what obstacles come your way, true love never dies." - Soap Opera News, December 23, 1997

"When she's there and visa versa, everything slows down and it's very comfortable. John can yell at Marlena, Marlena can yell at John, they can fight, they can have the issues and get it out, but even in the disagreement, the anger, there is still that love connection that keeps them together. That's a very volatile part of their relationship, too. They are both very stubborn people, opinionated and head-strong. There's an attractiveness in that." -- Drake Hogestyn, SOD Online 8/27/02

"It's a love story fans have been waiting for and have been cheated of for a long, long time. We're always struggling in daytime to have the love story but not the happily-ever-after. [But now] we've found a way of recreating the love triangle without having to pay it off in one of those lifelong situations." -- Deidre Hall in Soap Opera Update, December 10, 1996

"Marlena will always be *the one*. In John's mind she will always be the light. She was the first person whom he connected with in town. And he fell deeply in love with her. I think in time, John and Isabella's love would only have grown. But with the history that John has shared with Marlena, there will always be a connection there. Always." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly 1994

"It was an incredibly difficult role. Someone else could have destroyed it, but it's as much a love story as Marlena and John on the plane. Their relationship is the constant, the most central to all the other stories." -- James Reilly on Deidre Hall in The Possession, "Star of the Week", Soap Opera Weekly '96.

"There's a very special chemistry there that I think a lot of actors would like to have, and we don't have to work at that. That's very comfortable. The more serious the situation, I think the better we are." --Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Digest, May 5, 1998

"I think the good part about it is we know we get to be a supercouple. There is a comfort and confidence in that...'okay you want to try me over here for a while? Alrighty, fine. Wanna try me with Roman for a while? Alrightly, go ahead.' You just know that this show does supercouple like nobody ever has and nobody ever will and there's a chemistry." -- Deidre Hall in joint interview with Drake Hogestyn for SOD online, Aug. 27, 2002

"I think it's possible to be part of a supercouple and keep them alive and interesting and stimulating. It most definitely is. It takes work on our part sometimes. You need airtime... good story. It all starts with good story." --Drake Hogestyn in joint interview with Deidre Hall for SOD online, Aug. 27, 2002

"He was so clearly right for the part. Wayne Northrop had played it before and he was a different kind of Roman. I tested with a handful of actors, some pretty well known in daytime. Obviously, when that day is over, there's eye contact, there's conversation, there are questions asked about 'How did it feel, how was preparation, how was he in the make-up room, was he easy to work with, was he tempermental?' Drake was so comfortable and confident -- and wonderful in the part. He still does that wonderfully from the moment he steps into character and begins doing dialogue." -- Deidre Hall on Drake's audition, in the joint interview with Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera News, Sept. 1, 1998

"Dee is always very kind, very supportive. I'd have to say the only reason I'm sitting her today is because she accepted me. I've watched a lot of actors come and go, a lot of very, very good actors, very talented actors, but they didn't fit into the storyline right or they just didn't click. But because I could watch Dee, I just learned. A baseball coach said about me, 'You know what? Talent-wise he's fringe, but boy, he's coachable.'" -- Drake Hogestyn, in the joint interview with Deidre Hall, Soap Opera News, Sept. 1, 1998

"I think it's a magical pairing. There's some chemistry there that's undeniable. The audience responded to that before I left the show, they responded to it when I came back to the show. They're responding to it still." --Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Digest, May 5, 1998

"Marlena can be described as walking through a forest and coming upon a clearing with a bright light ahead." -- Drake Hogestyn asked to describe the love his character has for Marlena, Daytime Magazine (date unknown)

"...We're so attached emotionally. We did some scenes recently, we hadn't worked together much, and they were playful. During rehearsal, I whispered to him, 'I forgot how much I miss you 'til I see you again,' and then, we went on with the dialogue. He said, 'Yeah, yeah,' and that was it. We gush over each other, it's kind of a quiet understanding." -- Deidre Hall, The Best Of Days Of Our Lives, April 1995

"There are some characters you can never see anyone else doing -- like Billie -- but we recast anyway. Then there are other characters it would be ridiculous to even try to recast. Deidre's Marlena is one of them." -- James Reilly, Soap Opera Weekly '96

"Days most enduring supercouple" - Soap Opera News, September 1, 1998

"I would say that there are a few that are beyond recasting. Obviously Mickey, Maggie, and god rest his soul, Tom -- the original Horton family -- were never going to be recast. I don't think I could say the same about anyone else, except for probably Marlena, because nobody has ever played that role but Deidre (Hall)... I don't think the fans want to see a different Marlena. I don't even know if they would want to see a different John." - Ken Corday, Executive Producer DAYS, May 2, 1995

"I think the story between John and Marlena is always going to be there. I know that Deidre and I have tried to play the sexual tension and feelings that exist in whatever scenes we have together. I'm curious about what John's feelings are for her." - Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Update February, 1993

"Our chemistry is reliable and substantial. Our respect is mutual and healthy, and we're deeply fond of each other. *That* is as good as it gets." -- Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Weekly in joint interview with Drake Hogestyn, February 2002

"Screw Luke and Laura--purists know this Days of Our Lives couple is soapdom's all-time best" -Entertainment Weekly Internet February 2, 2001

"I think that if John and Marlena marry, they've turned the final corner. I feel that in this stage of the relationship, of course, they can change us, but I kind of feel that if we take the marriage card, that that would be forever. I don't know what they are thinking here, but just in building of my character, that's the way I'd see it." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera News joint interview with Deidre Hall, September 1, 1998

"There will always be this undeniable bond between John and Marlena -- that's always going to be there. It is played in every scene that we play. It doesn't even matter what we're doing; there's just always an underlying current that is there, and there is an undeniable attraction. And I think that conflict is healthy for the fans -- the ones that want us together. They see that and it teases them, and makes them more ardent to have us together." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Update, October 31, 1995

"Favorite NBC couple: John and Marlena" Soap Opera Digest, May 7, 2002

"We really feel strongly that John is not ready for a new romance. The Isabella romance was so strong that we really can't bring in a new woman without besmirching her memory. But he's always had a strong relationship with Marlena. If Roman were not in the picture, they would have a fabulous relationship. They did, and it was wonderful." -- Sheri Anderson, Co-Head Writer DAYS, Soap Opera Update, February 9, 1993

"John will never get over his feelings for Marlena, and that's how Drake Hogestyn plays it. Even though he wasn't really Roman, what they made of that time was very real. His life began at that point. He owes her a lot and would put his life on the line for her without thinking twice." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Update May 1994

"You look better than you've ever looked. You take such good care of yourself that you're fun to watch undress, you know? We have a female audience. They love that." -- Deidre Hall, Soap Opera Weekly in joint interview with Drake Hogestyn, February 2002

"You say we have a female audience, but do you know how many men watch this show and are so jealous of what I do? It's 'John Black rules. How's Marlena. Give her a big one for me.' I'm the luckiest man." -- Drake Hogestyn, Soap Opera Weekly in joint interview with Deidre Hall, February 2002

"We did a scene one time--it was the audition scene, and it was in John's house or something where you [Deidre] came in and you kind of knew what was going on. I said, 'I gotta be John Black. I've got a driver's license, I've got a library card, I've got all this.' When it came time, we didn't have to say any of that. She said, 'Who are you?' and I just looked at her. Remember that? It was like, 'Oh, you know.' And she realized, 'Oh, my God,' he doesn't know who he is.' That was it, goosebumps. We'd lost all that dialogue, all that stuff. We didn't have to say it. I went, 'Wow.' That just told me volumes about the business. You don't have to spell things out if you have the look because the camera is right there. When that comes right in on Dee, she just sells it. I'm sure the audience at that point went 'Oooohhh.' It's one of those other moments--and it taught me a lot." -- Drake Hogestyn, in joint interview with Deidre Hall, Soap Opera News, Sept. 1, 1998

Roman & Marlena's Wedding Vows
August 22, 1986

"A Storybook Wedding"

"Even the guys in the locker room got a little misty over that one," Drake recalls. "Charlie Shaughnessy and Jim Reynolds started reminiscing about their real-life weddings, and Josh Taylor got to thinking about the kind of ceremony he'd like if he and Sandahl Bergman ever get around to doing it."

"On Monday people were starting to look nervous, and their complexions were a little greyer than usual, but that's all," recalls Drake. "By Wednesday, though it was looney tune time. The wardrobe mistresses started taking the whole thing very seriously. I had to get something out of the wardrobe room, but they wouldn't let me in. 'You can't come in!' they screamed. 'Deidre's trying on her dress, and it's unlucky to see the bride before the wedding.' They slammed the door in my face and almost broke my nose!"

"Our executive producer Al Rabin directed the wedding show. He only had one note for me during rehearsal," says Drake. "He kept asking me, 'Can't you please be a little more keyed up? Can't you sweat a little? - Bridegrooms are supposed to be nervous!' I joked back, 'Listen, if you were paying me a whole week's salary for this episode, I'd be nervous!'"

"There are so many times that Deidre's saved me in a scene," says Drake. "For once, I was glad to be able to help her out."

Another artfully concealed mishap occurred when Deidre Hall stepped up to the altar and the heel of her shoe got caught on the platform, impaling the hem of her dress with it. But Drake realized immediately what had happened and came to the rescue. He held her by the arm, and Dee cleverly extricated her shoe and the bottom of her dress from the platform without interrupting the ceremony.

Backstage though, the studio became a madhouse. About a week before the big event, the costume and set designers started moving into high gear and things got jittery.

DaytimeTV Magazine
January 1987

Despite the enormous popularity of his predecessor, Wayne Northrop, Drake had no trouble making the role his own. In fact, an overwhelming amount of fan mail at Days now reveals that viewers don't care if John Black is really Roman Brady or not. No matter who he ultimately turns out to be, they just want him to stay with Marlena, because the chemistry between the characters is so strong.

Drake also has a habit of pacing up and down, outside the studio door, just before taping. "They tell me Wayne used to do that, too. Between the two of us, we're really wearing out the floor," he laughs. "NBC will probably have to put in a new one soon!"

During the actual taping, things went pretty smoothly. And even the few mishaps that did occur only added to the air of heartwarming reality. When it came time for the two child actors who play R&M's twins to walk down the aisle, the little girl got absolutely mesmerized by the crowds and cameras. Suddenly she just froze! But Drake didn't miss a beat. He walked over, scooped her up and set her down next to Peggy McCay and Frank Parker (her TV grandparents). What the cameras and sound equipment didn't record however was the little girl telling Drake emphatically, "I don't want to sit there!" (And you thought Prince William was the only pint-sized scene-stealer!)

If viewers get their way, though, R&M will stay together - and still be a fascinating couple. Is it possible? In this case, yes. Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn work so beautifully together, it's a pleasure just to watch them clink coffee cups!

Ironically, even though Drake Hogestyn and Wayne Northrop look nothing alike, they do share certain similarities. "Sometimes, it's really spooky," says Drake. "The crew tells me I make the same flubs that Wayne used to make. When had to talk about our honeymoon in Mazatlan, I kept saying 'Matzoh Land.' Everyone was hysterical backstage. They tell me Wayne used to mispronounce it exactly the way I do."

Marlena: I love you... I thought I lost you... then I got you back.... I always believed that having someone come into your life that you can love as fully and as completely as I love you is very rare and very special.... I held onto that when you were gone, and it saw me through some unbearable pain. Most folks go through their whole lives and never have that, you know. Not us. We got to have it twice in this lifetime. I know what it's like to be without you for a month, for a week, for a day. I was for 17 months and three weeks and two days. That's how long I hurt. To be back with you now... We're more than blessed--we're twice blessed. I love you. I love you.

Not that the bride and groom were the least bit nervous. For Deidre Hall (Marlena), it marked her third trip to the soap opera altar, so this wasn't exactly new territory for her - and her leading man Drake Hogestyn (Roman) proved he could be equally cool.

Now that their storybook wedding is a beautiful memory - and the icing on the cake is starting to defrost a bit - fans are wondering what lies ahead for R&M. After all, in soap opera land, how long can any couple stay happy? In this case, of course, much depends on the success of DH's new primetime show, Our House. No matter what, Deidre intends to remain loyal to Days, but if Our House succeeds, R&M's storyline may have to be revamped somewhat to accommodate her hectic, double work schedule.

On the day of the wedding, things really got rowdy. During rehearsal, Drake waited backstage with his groomsmen - Josh Taylor, James Reynolds (Abe) and Charles Shaughnessy (Shane). "We started holding our own condensed stag party in the wings," says Drake. "When I was playing professional baseball, I thought the guys in the locker room were pretty crass, but let me tell you something - Josh, Jim and Charlie could top 'em, joke for joke, any time!"

Randy Andy and fun-loving Fergie tried to steal the show. So did Caroline Kennedy and her debonair bridegroom, Edwin Schlossberg. But forget it, folks. Those were just dress rehearsals for the real thing. To millions of Days of Our Lives' fans, the only wedding worth watching this summer was the long-awaited remarriage of Roman and Marlena Brady.

Roman: Doc, the circumstances here have kind of dealt us a funny hand, and there are things in my life, which include our life, that I don't remember. But, I do remember the first time I saw you after I came back again... from the hospital when you were working and I had no idea who I was... there was a major connection there. My heart stopped. They can take a human being and they can do a lot of things to him, but they can't take away his love.... I know there are a lot of people here today who might have thought that when you were in the hospital, and you were lying in that bed, well they might have thought that I was losing you... but I didn't. Oh honey, we are meant to be together and I'm so happy that we are. I love you.

The ceremony itself was breathtaking. It was so beautiful, in fact, that some cast members got a little emotional. There were even tears when the minister explained the symbolism of the gold wedding band. Gold, he said, is chosen because it's the most precious metal, and marriage is the most precious institution. The shape of the ring - a circle with no beginning or end - symbolizes the permanence of love, a bond that goes on forever.

The duo have definitely become good friends. "It helps that we really like each other," says Drake. "It would be hard coming to work every morning to do scenes with someone you hate."

The reaffirmation of Roman and Marlena's vows - broadcast on Friday, August 22 - went off without a hitch...well, almost!

There was one other substitution. Gloria Loring (Liz) was supposed to sing Roman & Marlena's theme song - "Up Where We Belong" - but when she took ill, Salem newcomer Marilyn McCoo (Tamara Price) stepped in for her.

Through it all, Drake and Deidre - who share the same wry sense of humor - kept laughing and making jokes, while everyone else around them was huffing and puffing and practically blowing the set down. Deidre did ask for (and got) one change in the wedding script (in the part of the ceremony where Roman and Marlena recited the history of their love).

- By Jason Bonderoff (DaytimeTV)