Links to Resources for Building Community

Asset-Based Community Development Institute
This is the website for John McKnight and John Kretzmann’s Institute at Northwestern University. The site describes a variety of ABCD publications, some of which can be downloaded. There is a list of Institute faculty members and an opportunity to join an electronic discussion group.

The Citizen’s Handbook
Produced by the Vancouver Citizens Committee, this is an excellent web-based guide to community organizing and includes links to full text articles and other resources related to community building.

Democracy’s Edge
In addition to describing her latest book, Frances Moore Lappé provides links to dozens of organizations, from all sectors, that are engaged in “living democracy.”

Neighborhood Planning
The content of this site is based on the Neighborhood Planning for Community Development course taught by Louis Colombo and Ken Balizer at the University of New Mexico.

Neighborhoods USA
This site lists a wide variety of resources that can be helpful to neighborhood associations and provides information on the organization’s annual conference, a great place to network with other activists.

Old-School Organizing
This site includes two classic booklets by Shel Trapp, a legendary community organizer.

Project for Public Spaces
Vibrant gathering places are essential to building strong communities. This website provides examples of the best and the worst public spaces together with information to help you create, evaluate, and improve your own.

Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods
This website describes the department’s current programs including information on all of the Neighborhood Matching Fund projects and neighborhood plans supported to date.