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How to replace a Garmin Zumo 550 LCD Screen

In July 2007 I purchased have a Garmin Zumo 550 for nearly 700 clams.  It is worth every penny as it has kept me on route for 70,000 miles of motorcycle fun.  The only trouble with a Zumo is it will not follow a track (bread crumbs) insisting on creating a route from the bread crumb using the installed maps - grrrrr.

In February 2011 my GPS died.  The screen was unresponsive to touch..  Bummer.  3.5 years and 7 bills does not meet my expectations.  The  Zumo is advertised as a motorcycle ready, vibration-tested, waterproof and built with fuel-resistant plastics to withstand the elements.  Boo hiss.....

After a little research on the ZumoForms web site I found digitizers on Zumo 550 (and others) are prone to failure. Just wonderful. Using the forum I found the solutions:

I didn't not want to remove the digitizer from the LCD so for an extra $30 I got the entire LCD screen.  For me the savings of replacing just the digitizer was not worth the hassle.

I bought a new LCD screen on eBay from a fellow in China.  His eBay profile name is goodsupply0889.  It takes two weeks to receive the LCD.  Great customer service and support.  The transaction met all my expectations.  You can search eBay with this phrase: "OEM FULL LCD Screen  For GARMIN ZUMO 550".

So here are instructions how to remove the LCD screen.

While you are waiting for your new screen go find a torx screw jeweler screw driver and a jeweler phillips screw driver.  If you don't have the tools take the GPS to a hardware store to get the right size screw drivers.  The torx head screw sizes vary.  Mine was a number 7.

Remove the top cover and remove/loosen the 8 torx scews.  Some of the torx screws will not come out of the cover and may fall out.  It is easy to loose a screw.

Next remove the large and small ribbon cables.  Expose the cables by gentle removng the front of the GPS.  The ribbon cables are held on by a latch.  Using your finger nail pull the latch away from the cable.  The latch is a 90 degree hinge. 

Remove the 4 philips screws.

Remove the LCD screen from the holding plate.  Clean up the GPS' rubber gaskets.  Reassembly in reverse order.  The ribbon cable into the latch - it will line up properly and close the latch.  Enjoy our own refurbished GPS - take that Garmin!