With a lot of help from the Knowledge Base, I've tried to take most of the commonly asked uestions and link them to an article that may be of help. This is intended for those people who like to search for answers to uestions but find the KB too slow or not intuitive enough. All links are "hot" and will take you to the appropriate article. Sections are Cannot do.., Hot Mail, Address Book, Error Messages, How do I..., and Miscellaneous. I'll try to keep this updated as new information becomes available and I hope you find this helpful.

Please also check my webblog for more recent info about problems in Outlook Express.

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Outlook Express Support Center

Microsoft Support Center for Outlook Express

Recent Arrivals

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275543 - How to trouble shoot the invalid page fault error message.
Updated - Blank Subject line in email update.
293907 - How to uninstall Internet Explorer 6.
191946 - Err Msg: Address Book Failed to Load
259015 - Unable to move newsgroup messages.
265230 - Blank attachments when messages starts with begin.
257234 - How to uninstall Internet Explorer 5.5
268986 - Using Outlook Express over Internet Connection Sharing
259927 - OE stops responding and pointer appears as hourglass.
263837 - How to manually uninstall and reinstall OE in Windows 2000.

Cannot do.....?

221486 - Cannot send mail with attachment.(Happy99.exe damage)
176571 - Cannot specify mail program in Outlook Express.
178895 - Cannot change Text Format in Outlook Express Express
224176 - Cannot Spell Check Messages in Outlook Express 5.
235236 - Cannot type text in Outlook Express or Internet Explorer.
229130 - Cannot use Add/Remove Programs to Install Outlook Express 5


222984 - Known Issues with Hotmail
241841 - Cannot Create an HTTP or Hotmail Account in Outlook Express 5
246340 - Description of Hotmail Advertising in Outlook Express
247106 - Unable to Retrieve HTTP E-Mail Using Cable Modem
247335 - Outlook Express Cannot Connect to Hotmail through Proxy Server
252518 - "Unknown Error" in Outlook Express When Accessing a Hotmail Account
252840 - Problems Downloading E-mail from Hotmail Account
253474 - HotMail Messages Disappear in Outlook Express Folders

HTML and Stationery

165531 - How to View the HTML Source for Outlook Express Messages
171245 - How to Use Stationery in Outlook Express
180819 - How to Edit Stationery in Outlook Express Using an HTML Editor
174501 - How to Change Reply Font and Line Color in Outlook Express
170968 - How to Insert an HTML Signature in Outlook Express Messages

Address Book (WAB)

175017 - How to Import and Export Address Books in Outlook Express
175585 - Address Book Failed to load. (MSN members)
177123 - How to Import Outlook Contacts into Outlook Express
182833 - How to Copy an Outlook Express WAB to Another Computer
189396 - OL98: Windows Address Book is missing.
191946 - Address Book failed to load.
192321 - Unable to open Address Book, a component is missing
211040 - "Address Book Export Process Has Completed" Message Is Incorrect
210948 - () Add Name to Address Book Prompt When Name Is Added to Group
217125 - Command-Line Switches for Windows Address Book (Wab.exe)
222068 - Shared Windows Address Book Does Not Display Contacts
224802 - Error Message: No Matches Found for <User Name>
236342 - No .pab File Created When Exporting Address Book from Outlook Express
238892 - Unable to Import Netscape 4.6x Address Book in Outlook Express
239135 - The Message could not be sent. Some recipients not valid
241875 - Cannot Export Address Book Subfolders in Outlook Express
244459 - Address Book Entries Missing After Uninstalling Outlook Express 5

Error Messages

247706 - Error Message: MSIMN Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Wab32.dll
202498 - Error Messages After You Uninstall Outlook Express
211005 - Err Msg: No Other E-mail Accounts Could Be Found
227162 - Err Msg: Not All of the Messages Needed to Assemble This...
225096 - Error Message Using Some Rules in Outlook Express
224141 - Error Message: MSIMN Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module...
224188 - Err Msg: MSIMN Caused an Invalid Page Fault in PIMAB32.DLL
224421 - Error Message: Unable to Connect to Server. Host Not Found
224513 - Error Message: Uninstalling Outlook Express 5 May Prevent Outlook from Functioning
224548 - Error Message: An Error Occurred While Establishing a Dial-Up...
225867 - Err Msg: MSIMN Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module DIRECTDB.DLL importing ods message files from beta 2.
233264 - Err Msg: MSIMN Causes an Invalid Page Fault in Module DIRECTDB.DLL if folders.dbx is missing or damaged
238585 - Err Msg: "MSIMN Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Unknown"
238656 - Err Msg: "This Program Has Performed an Illegal Operation and Will Be Shut Down"
239135 - Error Message: The Message Could Not Be Sent. Some of the Recipients for This Message Are Not Valid.
233079 - Error Message When Choosing to Work Offline
241256 - Err Msg: "An Unknown Error Has Occurred" in Outlook Express
241552 - Err Msg: Unable to Logon to Server Using Secure Password Authentication Components
253351 - Error Message: An Error Occurred While the Spelling Was Being Checked
253795 - Error 0x800C013B When You Attempt to Send a Message in Outlook Express 5
187965 - Err Msg: Mprexe Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Kernel...
202481 - Error Message: Digitally Signed - Signature Invalid

How To or How do I.....

166514 - How to Delete News Messages and Headers in Outlook Express
171240 - How to Work Offline with Outlook Express
171163 - How to Configure Outlook Express for Internet Mail
171164 - How to Configure Outlook Express for Internet News
171190 - How to Subscribe to Newsgroups in Outlook Express
168726 - How to Digitally Sign and Encrypt Messages in Outlook Express
175037 - How to Change the Default Location of Mail and News Folders
175134 - How to Restore Newsgroup Messages After Local File Clean Up
176267 - How to Import MMF File into Outlook Express
176660 - How to Configure Outlook Express for Unattended Dial-Up
175720 - How to Enable Directory Services and Change the Search Order
174992 - How to Add Socket Support for Secure Directory Service Servers
178077 - How to set Outlook Express as Your Default Simple MAPI Client
181084 - How to Back Up Your Inbox Assistant Rules in Outlook Express
177402 - How to Import an Internet Mail 3.x for Macintosh Address Book
179414 - How to Store Messages on Mail Server with Outlook Express
177897 - How to Change the Default Font in Outlook Express
179590 - How to Identify the Version of Outlook Express in Use
181985 - How to Create a Shortcut for an Outlook Express E-mail Message
183853 - How to Move Messages to Exchange Server in Outlook Express
188093 - How to Back Up the Account List in Outlook Express
192341 - How to Send Outlook Express Mail from a Command Line
205480 - How to Combine Multiple-Part Messages in Outlook Express
209169 - How to Create and Use Identities in Outlook Express 5
224411 - How to Manually Convert Messages from an Outlook Express 5 Beta 2 Message Store
224416 - How to Change the Order in Which Outlook Express Mail Accounts Are Synchronized
230208 - How to Back Up E-mail Messages in Outlook Express 5
234489 - How to Disable the Picture Slide Show Feature in Outlook Express
242537 - How to Use Outlook 2000 Contacts in Outlook Express 5
252774 - How to Use Outlook 97 Contacts in Outlook Express 5
255186 - How to Configure Outlook Express for CompuServe 2000 IMAP E-Mail
256219 - How to Manually Uninstall and Reinstall Outlook Express 5

Miscellaneous Items

177054 - Internet Shortcuts in Outlook Express Do Not Start Web Browser
168019 - Update Available For Outlook Express Security Issue
176581 - Nothing Happens When You Click a Link in Outlook Express
177233 - Command Line Options for Outlook Express
182977 - Unable to Print a New Message Before You Send It
184340 - Deleted Dial-Up Networking Connection Appears
190056 - Right-Click May Not Display Context Menu
190277 - Outlook Express Opens Messages in a Small Window
190285 - E-mail Address Missing in Message Exported to Outlook 97
191219 - Cannot Find Program.exe...
192422 - IPF in Module Msconv97.dll or <Unknown> Pasting from TechNet CD-ROM
191573 - Message Saved to Drafts Folder Automatically Wraps Text
196473 - New IMAP Folders Do Not Appear in Outlook Express
196518 - Outlook Express Does Not Prompt You for an Identity
216884 - Missing Dialog Box When Message Has a Blank Subject Line
217243 - Message Rules in Outlook Express May Not Work as Expected
217246 - Default Signature Used for News Messages
219270 - Outlook Express Hangs After Sorting by From or Subject Column
219279 - Messages Are Not Marked as Read after Previewing
221095 - Printed Message Contains Different Date and Time
221157 - Forgotten Identity Passwords are nor recoverable
220512 - Spell Check Unavailable in Outlook Express 4.0 After Installing Office 2000
221203 - Unable to Start Outlook Express If Installed Over PGP
221161 - Cannot Add a Signature File in Outlook Express
221192 - Outlook Express Reopens the Folder List After You Close It
222624 - Unable to Remove InfoPane in Outlook Express 5
224010 - Outlook Express 5 Icons Remain After Uninstalling Outlook Express 5
225193 - Unable to Synchronize Palm Pilot to Outlook Express 5
224176 - Cannot Spell Check Messages in Outlook Express 5
226223 - Unable to Print in Outlook Express 4.x
224463 - "Identity Switch Canceled" When Starting Outlook Express
225540 - Unable to Print When the Preview Pane Is Not Enabled
226313 - MSIMN Is Still Running After You uit Outlook Express
228713 - Cannot Save E-Mail Account Password in Outlook Express
227928 - IMAP and HTTP Messages Do Not Appear in Inbox
227958 - Cannot Drag and Drop Folders on Internet Message Access Protocol Server
226985 - Closing Windows Address Book While Composing a Message Closes Message
226987 - Unable to Retrieve E-Mail When Line Contains Only 2 Periods
229134 - Newsgroups Views May Not Work
229606 - Remain Connected to Internet After Send or Receive
230224 - Blank Reply Message Sent if "Include Message in Reply" Not Selected in Outlook Express
230320 - Outlook Express Opens Connection Dialog Box at Startup
229910 - Problems Sending Messages to a Shared E-mail Address
230648 - Image Is Not Displayed in Your HTML Signature File
232001 - The Font Size Changes When You Press ENTER in a New Message
230768 - Mailto Link Does Not Work with % Character and 2 Letters
231682 - Insert Business Card Option Unavailable After Creating a New Business Card
232381 - Outlook Express Mail Folders Appear as Icons on the Desktop
232480 - Outlook Express 5 Remains After Uninstalling Internet Explorer 5
231796 - Cannot Import Outlook Express 4 Messages in Outlook Express 5
232497 - Time Preview in Outlook Express Is Affected by Daylight Saving Time
232738 - Outlook Express May Not Disconnect After Sending and Receiving
232904 - Import of Text File Ignores Last Field
232950 - Spelling and Grammar Options Not Available in Outlook Express 5
233180 - Send to Fax Recipient Opens a New E-mail Message
234061 - Unable to Import Messages from Outlook Express 4.x to Outlook Express 5
235300 - Microsoft Outlook Express 5 Starts Very Slowly
235378 - Text String Automatically Converted to Live Link
235695 - Stationery May Not Be Displayed in E-Mail Messages
240730 - Default Font Size Is Not Applied in a New HTML E-mail Message
240915 - Description of Read Receipts in Outlook Express
241008 - Description of Certificate Revocation Behavior in Outlook Express
241841 - Cannot Create an HTTP or Hotmail Account in Outlook Express 5
242234 - Outlook Express E-mail Signature Does Not Change with Different Accounts
245200 - News Post with Invalid Newsgroup Name Is Not Sent
245199 - Text in the Subject Line Followed by a Colon Is Removed
245419 - Cannot Start Outlook Express 5
245620 - Outlook Express 5 Downloads the Same E-Mail Message Multiple Times
245551 - Unable to Change Font When Using Plain Text in Outlook Express
244441 - Messages Received in Outlook Express Have Different Characters in the Text
244672 - Unable to View New Newsgroup Posting in Outlook Express
246186 - Image May Not Appear in Message Received with Outlook Express
243266 - Uninstalling Internet Explorer 5.01 Removes Outlook Express
248005 - Problems Using Outlook Express and Prodigy Version 5 Software
243716 - "Replies to My Messages" View Is Changed After You View the Inbox
246396 - Outlook Express Startup Informational Pane is blank
248451 - Connection Dialog Box Displayed Even Though You Are Already Connected to the Internet
252603 - Unable to Import E-mail Messages into Outlook Express 5
225254 - MSIMN Causes Invalid Page Fault When You uit Outlook Express
226964 - Cannot Use SPA in Outlook Express to Connect to an SMTP Server
235236 - Cannot Type Text in Outlook Express or Internet Explorer
255827 - Unintended Text May Be Sent with All New Messages