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We Need  Photos

Do you have  a photo which     shows these ?

Croquet Courts

Shoffner             Hospital on         Lindsley

Dr. Hite's        Residence on             Lea and 2nd

Avril's Drug           Store

Peaches Drug        Store

Thurman's         Grocery on               Carrol st.

Arron's              Grocery on                 Lea St.

Old Timer's Bar

Homes South of   Carrol Street        before the       "Projects"               were built.

Trimble School

Homes on                    3rd Avenue             South of Lafayette       St.




  You may contribute photos to the webpage:

South Nashville

A Photographic Collection of The Good Old Days

 The photo should show a part of South Nashville as either a home, street scene, or an area. Friends and   family in the photo are great.  Please identify the place or address where the shot was taken, the year or approximate year,  and the names of the people in the photograph if possible. Include the name of the person to credit as the contributor on the webpage.  Also, if you know of some bit of history of the photos that are posted already, please share that in an email to me. I'll try to post that history tidbit with the photo. For instance, see the photo of old south park.  The cold winter day the public library in South Park burned is shared by Wilarlie Knight Barto, since she lived across the street for South Park. JimRV6 (at) Comcast.Net   change (at) to @ no spaces

Photo Option 1

 If you have your photos saved on your computer or disk as either a .GIF or .JPEG type file, you can email these by attaching them directly to an Email to :

JimRV6 (at) Comcast.Net   (change (at) to @ no spaces)

You can make copies of your album photos with a scanner, or you can have the photos scanned by a copy service such as Kinko's. Walgreens may also copy these to disk at some locations.

Option 2

If you have a great photo of one of the Scenes from South Nashville in the photo alblum, and not on computer, then Email Me a note as to what the photo shows and let's discuss. There may be a way to have it copied here and returned to you.

Email Address -  JimRV6 (at) Comcast.Net   change (at) to @ no spaces

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